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Who we are

All Saints in Middleton, Essex is a Christian congregation serving the Middleton community and encouraging others through a life-changing Christian journey.

We seek to serve God by working for justice and peace, respect and learn from all the great faith traditions and desire to be known by the love we have for one another.


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Leader Name:
The Revd Margaret Harriet KING   Edit
Leader Position:
Incumbent   Edit

All Saints Service Times

Revd Margaret King
Every second Sunday at 8:45 AM for 1 hour
Morning Reflections
Paul Grover
Every fourth Sunday at 8:45 AM for 1 hour
South Parishes Eucharist
Joint service rotating between Great Henny; Alphamstone; Middleton; Lamarsh; Wickham St Paul's; Twinstead
Every first Sunday at 10:30 AM for 1 hour
No service (see Alphamstone)
Every third Sunday at 10:30 AM
North Hinckford Benefice Service
Joint service of all Parishes. Venue varies.
Every fifth Sunday at 10:30 AM for 1 hour
Crafty Women at Wickham
Informal craft group meets at Spencer's Farm Shop, Wickham St Paul's
Every third Monday at 10:00 AM for 2 hours
Contemplative Prayer at Henny
A period of contemplation and silence
Every first Wednesday at 6:00 PM
Saturday Lunch Day at Belchamp Walter
Belchamp Walter Village Hall
Soup (£1.70); Main Course/Vegetarian option (£2.70); Dessert great choices (1.50); Coffee/Tea (20p)
Every second Saturday at 12:00 PM for 1 hour

It's been more than 7 years since the last service times update. Please make sure to contact the church to confirm service times.

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The power of Christian prayer Help my unbelief
Dear God, help my unbelief. When I'm in pain, I forget that you care about me. I forget that you have helped me through my trials. I forget that you hold me in your arms to keep me safe. I forget that you are feeling my pain with me. I forget that you love me, I forget that I am important to you. Show me your presence - let me feel your enveloping love. Heal my hurting soul. Thank you for staying with me even in my unbelief.
All Saints listing was last updated on the 4th of June, 2016
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