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Who we are

“We welcome you to share Christ’s journey.”

Ashmont United Church is a small but faithful congregation which meets once a week to share in faith and fellowship. Being part of the family of our Lord is important to each and every one of us.

Ashmont United is a caring church which is reaching out to its community and surrounding area. We welcome all to share in our worship services every Sunday morning at 11:30. The Reverend Marlene Britton-Walfall, our spiritual leader, can be contacted at 780-614-1659.

Ashmont United Church is located in the Hamlet of Ashmont, AB, along the intersection of Highway 28 and Highway 36. We are a part of the St.Paul/Ashmont Pastoral charge in the St.Paul Presbytery. Ashmont United Church is also part of a larger Christian community, the Alberta- Northwest Conference and the United Church of Canada.

Our Beliefs

A New Creed and A Song of Faith outline some of the basic elements of Christianity as understood and practiced in The United Church of Canada. Ashmont United Church supports the Mission & Service Fund.


Location of worship

Ashmont United Church
4218 1st Avenue
Ashmont, AB T0A 0C0
Phone: 780-726-2253
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Church Pastor

Dave Dacyk
Dave Dacyk
Board chair
4218 1st Avenue
Ashmont, AB T0A 0C0
Phone: 780-636-2975 / 780-645-3266
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Church Website

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Dave Dacyk   Edit
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Board chair   Edit
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Driving Directions

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4218 1st Avenue, Ashmont, AB
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Ashmont United Church Service Times

Sunday Service

Service begins at 11:30 every Sunday.

We are a child friendly church with both a Sunday School and a nursery.

Join us for coffee after the service and get to know us.

Everyone is welcome!

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Worship Languages


Dress Code


Sunday School / Children and Youth Activities

Under 12s:
Sunday School

Ashmont United Church has a year-round Sunday School with a very dedicated teacher. The children enjoy participating in a variety of crafts and activities every week, following the Whole Children of God program. The programs uses the same readings as the church lectionary.

During the Advent season, the children look forward participating in a dramatical retelling of the Christmas story.   Edit
Under 18s:
Youth Group

Formed in March of 2012, the Ashmont United Youth is a group of around 10 to 15 dedicated youth, aged 11 and up, who come out weekly on Friday nights for fun and fellowship – with an emphasis on FUN! The youth participate in variety of activities, from games nights, to swimming, bowling, or wacky suppers with the goal of strengthening friendships and learning how to become stronger Christians.

Youth promise: “We agree to be respectful and fair. We will bring a positive attitude and have fun!”

Will and Kirsten Gill have volunteered to chaperon the youth on their Friday youth nights. Will has a degree in Physical Education and has worked with youth for more than 20 years both as fitness instructor and as a youth counsellor. Kirsten has a degree in Education and has taught students from ages five to adult for the past ten years. Both are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the youth in Ashmont United.   Edit

Local outreach & community activities


Other activities & ministries


Special Needs/Accessibility


Prayers and Hymns

Main Bible:
Hymns and Songs:

Other information

Average Adult Congregation:
Average Youth Congregation:
Additional Info:
Our services are at 11:30am every Sunday.

When you arrive you will be greeted at the door and given a bulletin with the order of service.

We are a child friendly church with both a Sunday School and a nursery. Children spend the first part of the service in the sanctuary and after the children’s talk and hymn they go to Sunday school for their own lesson.

Services are about an hour in length. Each service will include readings from the bible, singing, prayer, and a sermon.

Communion is usually held once a month. All believers are welcome at the Lord’s table. Regardless of denomination.

The offertory hymn and closing hymn are located on the back page of our hymnal.

After every service coffee is served and it is there for everyone, Please stay and get to know us.   Edit

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The power of Christian prayer "God does nothing except in response to believing prayer."
John Wesley
Ashmont United Church listing was last updated on the 28th of September, 2018
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