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About Church of the Hosannas

* As of February 15, 2013, Hosannas is reorganizing and forming a new parish with St. Aidan’s Church.

Contact information is as follows:

St. Aidan’s Church
1246 Oxford Street West,
London, ON N6H 1V7
[email protected]

About Hosannas

A Brief History of Church of the Hosannas Hyde Park
~ Rev. Kate Hathaway
Our History

The church’s cornerstone was laid on July 10th, 1888. Before then, the congregation of the English Church in Hyde Park met at the old school house and shared a minister with the Anglican churches in Byron and Lambeth. The land on the east side of Hyde Park Road, where the church was to be built, was generously donated by Captain R. Shaw-Wood, and it was he who named the church Hosannas.

Today, if you stand on the sidewalk and look at the front of the building, to the right of the steps, up towards the roof, you will see a small, round, red stained glass window with white numerals indicating the year the building was completed. The service of dedication was held on December 30th of that year – and you get a free tour of the church if you can tell us what year it was!

The church boasts some stunning stained glass windows dedicated to loved ones and families, whose names are familiar in London’s history, including the Lawsons and Jeffreys, as well as other objects of historical note.

In 1911, Vaughn Morris donated land for a rectory adjacent to the church’s south side. The rectory was completed in the summer of that year with help from a parade of parishioners who assisted in construction.

A fieldstone wall was erected around the church and rectory in 1914 by R.H. Smith, but it didn’t last long in church terms. Around 1950, it was decided that, instead of renting space in the school house for church teas, bazaars and other events, a Parish Hall should be built. It was further decided that stone from Mr. Smith’s wall would make a great foundation for the new building. However, ahead of their time in terms of recycling, the congregation decided not to build but to purchase a former army hut that could serve as a Parish Hall. This prefabricated building, complete with kitchen, was placed beside the church in 1955. In 1963 the Parish Hall was on the move again. It was turned at right angles to the church, placed on a nine-foot basement and linked by a door to the chancel. It has rested there to this day.

In 2008, the Church of the Hosannas celebrated 120 years of Christian witness to Hyde Park and beyond. As Hyde Park expands and grows busier by the minute, Hosannas remains a beautiful space in which to be still and know God. We gladly open our doors to all who wish to meditate in silence or add their prayers to those of the generations of worshippers who have hallowed this space.

Location of worship

Church of the Hosannas
Church of the Hosannas
1541 Hyde Park Road
London, Ontario N6H 5L4

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Isaiah 8:19

"When men tell you to consult mediums and spiritists, who whisper and mutter, should not a people inquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living?"


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1541 Hyde Park Road, London, ON
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Church of the Hosannas London Service Times

Regular Service Times (held at St. Aidan's Church):

Holy Day 'Saint Celebrations' ~ Wednesdays at 10:30 am
Sundays ~ 8 am & 10:30 am
(Sundays at 8:00 am & 9:30 am throughout the months of July & August)

'Silver Saints' Service Times:
People Care Seniors Home ~ 3rd Wednesday Monthly at 2 pm
(1242 Oakcrossing Rd London ON N6H 0G2)

Amica Retirement Home ~ 4th Wednesday Monthly at 2:30 pm
(517 Fanshawe Park Rd W London ON N6G 0C1)   Edit

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