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Endeavor Presbyterian Church Fedora, South Dakota

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Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me: for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. Form my yoke is easy and my burden is light. - (Matthew 11:28-30)

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Endeavor Presbyterian Church
23316 421st Ave
Fedora, SD 57337
United States
Phone: 605-527-2244
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Church Pastor

Rev. Richard Poppen
23316 421st Ave
Fedora, SD 57337
United States
Phone: 605-527-2631
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PO Box 232
23316 421st Ave
Fedora SD
57337   Edit

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23316 421st Ave, Fedora, SD
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Worship Service - 9:45 am Sundays

Church School - 10:45am Sundays

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History of Endeavor Presbyterian Church Fedora SD


The roots of our Presbyterianism go back to New Testament days and more recently to the time of Reformation. John Calvin in France and Geneva, John Knox in Geneva and Edinburgh set forth the tenets of our faith from 1536 to 1560, after which time Scotland rapidly became Presbyterian in its creed and discipline.

As early as 1644 Presbyterianism apparently gained a foothold in Long Island, though there were only a few of this faith recorded in the colonies by 1650. In 1706 the first Presbytery was organized in Philadelphia which had been the capital of the national church in the United States up to 1988.

While the Endeavor Presbyterian Church of Fedora village was organized in 1889, its roots go further into the past. Two separate church groups joined together to form the present Endeavor Presbyterian Church of Fedora.

The first church organization began when Evan P. Morgans settled in Fedora in 1882. He came from Lime Springs, Iowa where he migrated to after leaving Wisconsin in 1875. He had married Katie Williams of Foreston, Iowa in 1878. They settled here early in 1882 with an eight month old son. A few months after coming to the new territory, the Morgans family started the Fedora Sunday School and Prayer Meetings at their home, north of Fedora.

The Morgans sent for the Rev. Richard Isaac, a Presbyterian minister from Lime Springs, Iowa, to incorporate the church and dedicate it to Jesus Christ in June, 1883. There were twelve members in June, 1883 which doubled by December 7,1884. Mr. Morgans passed away the same year.

On March 17, 1900, the Fedora Sunday School and Church were meeting in the Lewis Schoolhouse, three miles north and one mile east of Fedora.

Meanwhile, the Endeavor Presbyterian Church of Fedora Village was organized in December, 1889 with Rev. H.P. Carson as minister. Rev. Carlson was a missionary for the Presbyterian Church and was responsible for many of the small churches that were established during this time in eastern South Dakota. He was assisted by Rev. Elliot L. Dresser. Rev. Dresser was the first pastor to serve the newly organized Presbyterian Church in Artesian on October 18, 1885 and served in Artesian until 1891.

There were 18 charter members of the Endeavor Presbyterian Church of Fedora. They are:

Mr. William M. Williams
Mrs. William (Jane) Williams
Mr. Hugh J. Morris
Mrs. Hugh (Mary) Morris
Mr. Thomas C. Lewis
Mrs. Thomas (Jennie) Lewis
Mr. Richard Felix
Mrs. Richard (Margaret) Felix
Mr. Evan Jenkins Mr. Daniel Felix
Mrs. Daniel (Mary) Felix
Mr. James V. Williams
Mrs. James (Sarah) Williams
Mr. John Felix
Mrs. John (Anna) Felix
Mrs. George (Pauline) Schramm
Mrs. John (Elizabeth) Felix
Miss Lily M. Stanley

These members had been gathering at homes, school houses, and the town hail and followed this tradition until a church was built. Church services were also held at the Manley School located six miles south, one mile west, and 1/2 mile south of Fedora with the local pastor officiating. According to the members who attend­ed, services were held at the school for approximately 14 years, from 1909 to 1923 or 1924. Records of those years have been lost except in the minds of those who attended.

The congregation of the Fedora Sunday School and Church (north of Fedora), on May 6, 1904, elected to move the church organization to Fedora and hold joint services and Sunday school with the Endeavor Presbyterian Church of Fedora.

On June 19, 1904 the two congregations held their first joint meeting in Fedora in the town hall above the bank.

The two church organizations incorporated on April 10, 1909 and voted to build a new church building. Rev. Bell was elected chairman and T.C. Lewis as secretary.

On July 17, 1909 and September 1,1909, the congregation purchased Lots #10, 11, and 12, Block 2 in Keiffers addition from Nickoias Keiffer of Fedora. This started the dream of a church.

The building committee, nominated on April 10,1910, was com­posed of T.C. Lewis, P.C. Peterson, Clayton Kelsey, Mrs. George Eberly, and Mrs. Hugh J. Morris.

On the present site, the Church was completed by February 19, 1911, when it was used for a communion service. The dedication service was celebrated on March 5, 1911.

The lists of those in the community who volunteered labor and financial aid are many. We do know that the main carpenter was Peter Helland and that structural improvements have been made since 1911. Stories exist of teams of horses pulling many miles from farms with large rocks on stone boats for the foundation; anyone who remembers the old basement walls can vouch for the sizes of the rocks. The building was insured on August 1,1911 for five years for $20.00 for $1,000 worth of coverage.

During the summer of 1971, the women of the church decided to remodel the basement with help only from the men who installed the new ceiling. Mrs. Dorothy EIIer was the forewoman. The walls were paneled, the floor covered with vinyl tile, the kitchen was re­arranged. In 1974 a new stairway to the basement was built with Dean Kramer as the carpenter, and the following year a restroom was created in the southeast corner of the basement. Renovation took place on the main floor of the church in 1978, when the ceiling was lowered. This project was backed by the women of the church and the handy work was done by Dean Kramer once again. Adding paint and a good cleaning, the facelift to our church was completed.

In the Spring and Summer of 2001, a new basement was planned and constructed to replace the existing basement due to age and decay. New concrete block walls and windows were installed, as well as new lighting, restroom, floor covering, and doors.

In September of 2002, the church sign was presented after repainting by DeLores Royal and remounted in the current stand built by Cal Hanson.   Edit

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