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China Grove
North Carolina

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Who we are

Lutheran Chapel is an Evangelical Lutheran church in China Grove, North Carolina.

We are a fellowship of believers, made in God's image and called as disciples of Christ to share the Good News with everyone through learning, listening, praying and working together actively to reach out to our communities.

Lutheran Chapel is a place to believe, belong, and become!

Location of worship

Lutheran Chapel
135 Eudy Rd.
China Grove, NC 28023-8616
United States
Phone: (704) 857-5696
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Church Pastor

The Rev. Susan L Bame
The Rev. Susan L Bame
135 Eudy Rd.
China Grove, NC 28023-8616
United States
Phone: (704) 857-5696
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PO Box 152
China Grove, NC
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135 Eudy Rd., China Grove, NC
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History of Lutheran Chapel China Grove NC

Lutheran Chapel China Grove
Organized: 1780
County: Rowan
Alternate Names: Irish Settlement,
Savitz (Savage) Church, Luther’s Chapel
Affiliation: NC Synod
Status: Active

Lutheran Chapel traces its roots to German-speaking Lutherans who met to worship under the leadership of a duly called and ordained pastor near China Grove. Adolph Nussman had arrived in North Carolina in 1773 after having received a call from sixty families from Rowan and Mecklenburg (Cabarrus) Counties. Nussman and Gottfried Arends served about fifteen congregations by 1780, including a congregation at “Irish Settlement” that became Lutheran Chapel. The Lutherans at China Grove did not worship alone. The early years of the congregation were marked by recognition of ties with other Christians. In 1799, the German Lutherans joined with the German Reformed to build a permanent house of worship. About four acres of land were purchased form George Savitz for the sum of five pounds. The deed was made to the elders and trustees for the United German Congregation of Presbyterians and Lutherans. By 1824, three congregations worshiped in the facility—the third being Mr. Moriah Lutheran Church of the Tennessee Synod which was organized by David Henkel. The house of worship remained open to all three congregations, even though they agreed to disagree, for about fifteen years.

The period of years before the Civil War was a time of revivalism in the United States, and the members of Luther’s Chapel, as the church was then known, seemed to have an appetite for the long, emotional meetings. Pastor J. D. Schenk served as Postmaster at China Grove from 1844-49. During his tenure, his zeal manifested itself in his decision to rename the town “Lutherville”. It was changed back after he left office. In spite of the emphasis on revivalism during the years from 1833 through the tenure of Whitson Kimball ending in 1877, at no time did the congregation abandon the practice of having children catechized by the pastor for a quick conversion as did many congregations.

The first sign of life after the Civil War was the building of a new church building. It was the first erected in the North Carolina Synod after the war, and perhaps, the first in the South. This 40 x 60 foot building still serves as the nave of the present church. When the cornerstone was prepared, the name of the church was changed to “Lutheran Chapel”.

The second one hundred years of the church has not been without its trials and concerns. Pastor J. Q. Wertz presided over the first homecoming in 1906. Interest in the heritage of the church had already begun. His death while pastor insured him a special place in the history of the congregation.

A controversy arose during the pastorate of C.A. Brown over the practice of Holy Communion. Following the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918, the ladies requested permission to purchase individual communion glasses. Permission was granted and the set was purchased in spite of the objection of some members. The controversy ended ten years later when a group left Lutheran Chapel to help form Bethany Lutheran Church in Kannapolis.
The years following have included additions to the physical plant to enhance the work of the church. Educational and fellowship facilities have been added in the 1930’s, 50’s, and 60’s.

Following the 17 year tenure of Pastor Charles Ridenhour, Dr. B.S. Brown, Sr. was called to be the Pastor in 1946, the first year in its history the congregation would not share a pastor with another congregation. Dr. Brown presided over major growth in the congregation during the post-war years, as well as serving for many years on the Executive Board of the Synod. He and his successor, Dr. Robert L. Dasher, provided great pastoral and moral leadership to the congregation during the turbulent civil rights era. A concert in 1964 by the Livingstone College Choir was held in the church, when no other Lutheran congregation in Rowan County would host it. The youth ministry of the congregation greatly expanded during the tenure of Pastor Dasher.

Pastor Harry Rau followed Pastor Dasher and served for 14 years. He and his wife Barbara, both gifted vocalists, greatly enhanced the music program of the Senior Choir, directed for 50 years by Helen Linn.
Pastor Don Phillips led the church during her bicentennial celebration in 1980. Pastor Phillips was instrumental in the writing of a new congregational history.

The church has continued to be blessed with faithful pastors. The church has had a number of its members to enter the ordained ministry.


1780-1789 Adolph Nussmann
Gottried Arends
1789-1820 C. A. G. Storch
1820-1830 Daniel Scherer
1830-1833 Jacob Kaempfer
1833-1837 Henry Graeber
1837-1854 J. D. Scheck
1854-1855 Samuel Rothrock
1855-1857 Bryant C. Hall
1859-1861 William A. Artz
1861-1877 Whitson Kimball
1877-1881 William H. Cone
1881-1887 Bachman S. Brown
1887-1889 James L. Buck
1889-1896 Charles A. Marks
1896-1907 Joseph Q. Wertz
1908-1924 Christenberry A. Brown
1925-1928 Edwin F. K. Roof
1928-1945 Charles E. Ridenhour
1946-1959 Bachman S. Brown
1959-1963 Robert L. Dasher
1963-1977 Harry L. Rau, Jr.
1978-1984 Donald M. Phillips
1984-1989 Delmer L. Chilton
1990-2000 William C. Haskell, Jr
2002- William V Connelly

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The power of Christian prayer "In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart".
John Bunyan
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