Our Lady of the Assumption Church
Blackpool Lancashire


Who we are

Our Lady of the Assumption Church welcomes Christians and those who seek to connect to Christianity in the Blackpool area.

We aim to make contact with and encourage others to join us in our life-changing Christian journey.

We are a friendly Christian community where we welcome others to join us in our worship and service to God.

Our vision is to make an impact for God, here in Blackpool, Lancashire by helping people understand the enriching messages of eternal hope given to us by Jesus Christ through His words and deeds.

Everyone is welcome, no matter your age, beliefs, or background. Come just as you are - we'd love to get to know you better.

Church Address

Our Lady of the Assumption
125 Common Edge Road
Blackpool, Lancashire FY4 5DF
United Kingdom
Phone: 01253 832958
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Church Pastor

Fr James Burns VF
Fr James Burns VF
Parish Priest
125 Common Edge Road
Blackpool, Lancashire FY4 5DF
United Kingdom
Phone: 01253 832958
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Quote of the Day
Psalms 86:11

Teach me thy way, O LORD; I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name.




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Fr James Burns VF   Edit
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Parish Priest   Edit
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Anne Wilkinson   Edit
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125 Common Edge Road, Blackpool, Lancashire
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Our Lady of the Assumption Church Blackpool Mass Times



Sat Vigil - 6pm, Sun - 10.30am


Tues - 7pm, Wed to Fri - 9.30am


Thurs, Fri - 9.15am


Wed - 9.10am


Sat - 11am to 12noon, and on request

Adoration & Benediction

Sat - 11am to 12noon

The obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still suspended for the time being but you are encouraged to come to Mass either on Sunday or during the week if you are well enough. For those who are at home there will be Sunday Mass on this website every week. Please see our Bulletin.

The maximum safe operating capacity of our church for celebrating Mass is 50 (based on social distancing guidelines). This number will be clearly signposted at the door and our volunteer Stewards will ensure that we do not exceed this figure. They will also ensure that you know where to sit.

We are continuing with a “2 metre” social distancing requirement. If we go down to a “1 metre +” distance we would have to introduce the compulsory wearing of face masks to mitigate the increased risks2. By staying with 2 metres it will be left to individuals to choose whether or not to wear a face mask. The wearing of face masks and gloves is permitted during Mass.


Before Mass

 You must sanitise your hands on entry (with or without gloves on).
 Each person/family will be recorded (for contact tracing records).
 You must follow the one-way signs and Stewards’ instructions.
 Children should be accompanied by an adult.
 Individuals must sit only in the places marked with a green cross.
 Family members may sit together but still keep 2 metres away from others.
 Kneelers should not be used (cleaning them is very difficult to do).
 You will find Mass/Bulletin sheets (to take away) in the benches already.
 Hymn books will not be needed because there will be no organ playing.
 Votive Candles may be lit. The Steward on duty will light them for you.
 The toilet will be restricted to emergency use only.
 It will not be possible to enter the Sacristy.
 The Priest will prepare the Altar on the Sanctuary alone.
 Untouched Altar Breads will be in a clean and covered ciborium.
 The cover of the ciborium will not be removed until time for distribution.

During Mass

 The Priest will say Mass on the Sanctuary alone.
 The Mass will be much shorter than usual (about 30 minutes).
 Everything needed by the Priest will be already on the Altar.
 The Priest will read both the Readings and the Gospel from the Ambo.
 The Homily will be very brief (about 1 minute).
 There will be no Bidding Prayers, Offertory Collection or Procession.
 Eucharistic Prayer 2 or 3 will be used.
 There will be no singing of any part of the Mass.

The Communion Rite

 There will be no exchange of the sign of peace.
 When the Priest says the prayer: “Behold the Lamb of God, behold him who takes away the sins of the world…” you should remain standing and respond as usual with “Lord I am not worthy…”
 Before the Priest takes Communion he will hold up the Host to the congregation and say: “The Body of Christ” to which you should respond together saying: “Amen”. In the same way, he will elevate the chalice and say, “The Blood of Christ” and, again, you respond together saying: “Amen”. He will then take Holy Communion under both kinds using the large Host and the chalice. You may then sit down.
 The Priest will then cleanse the paten and chalice.
 After a reverent silence the Priest will say the Prayer after Communion.
 The Priest will then give the final Blessing and Dismissal.

Receiving Holy Communion after Mass on the way out

 The Priest will cleanse his hands with sanitiser and put on a face mask.
 He will open the pre-prepared ciborium for the Communion of the people.
 He will come down to the centre to give out Holy Communion.
 A table will be used to maintain an adequate gap for Communion.
 You should wait until instructed by the Stewards to step out.
 Please remember to bring your possessions with you.
 People on the left of the church will step out first and queue at 2 metres.
 People on the right will step out after the left hand benches have emptied.
 Communion is received silently without any exchange of words.
 The Host will be held up and you respond with the sign of the Cross.
 You should receive Communion on the hand only.
 Hands should be extended, as flat as possible, palms upward.
 After receiving Communion you turn left and go straight out at the side.
 On the way out there will be a collection bucket in the Lady Chapel.
 You must sanitise your hands at the exit (next to the toilet).

After Mass

 Please observe distancing outside and keep the exit free for others.

Mass Times last updated on the 16th of July, 2020
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History of Our Lady of the Assumption Church Blackpool


The history of the parish began as World War II drew to an end. Bishop Pearson was at that time the Parish Priest of St Cuthbert's. He acquired a piece of land in the vicinity of Plumpton Avenue which was earmarked for the building of a new church.

However, because of an exchange arrangement with some local builders, the church was eventually built on its present site, some hundreds of yards further east than originally intended. Thus was formed in embryo what was to become the Parish Church of Our Lady of the Assumption on Common Edge Road.

At this time, (1946-7) building restrictions applied, so what were the chances of building a new church when so many people required housing in war ravaged Britain? A chance acquaintance came to the rescue. Mr Thomas Foulkes (father of Fr Anthony Foulkes) travelled by train to work in Manchester. One of his fellow passengers was a Manchester architect Mr Charles Jackson. On hearing of the 'Church Scheme' he drew up plans and specifications free of charge and under the then 'Voluntary Labour Scheme' gathered together a group of 25 workers of differing trades and professions who, in the evenings, following their normal day's work, built a church under the direction of Fr J. J. Bamber.

In less than a year, the work was complete. The men had toiled through a long hot summer and thus at the Opening Ceremony on 17th August 1947, a gathering of some 1500 people heard the Bishop of Lancaster, Right Rev. T.E. Flynn praise the 'zeal and devotion of Blackpool Catholics and the generous and large-minded cooperation of friends.' Blackpool had a new Catholic Church.

Its certification as a 'place of meeting for Religious Worship' was 25th July, 1947. The Stations of the Cross were erected on 8th February, 1948 by Fr Richard Kivergan (OFM). The Crucifix was erected on 11th February, 1951. Soon, afterwards, a new school, of Our Lady of the Assumption was opened in 1953.

As the number of regular attendants increased, the need for a bigger place of worship became necessary. In 1961, a permanent 300 seater church of Our Lady of the Assumption was opened, on the same site, at a cost of £34,000. Fr F. Warden, who at the time was the Parish Priest of Our Lady Star of the Sea, St Annes noted that: "The architect, Mr Bower Norris of Stafford and all the craftsmen who had worked upon it had the admiration of the people of Blackpool." The new church was blessed by Right Rev. T.B. Pearson (Bishop of Sinda) who also sang the Mass, while the Bishop of Lancaster, Right Rev. T.E. Flynn presided at the Opening.

The stained glass windows of the new church were properly aligned so that they would create magnificent lighting effects and atmosphere. The pulpit and pews of the old church were donated to St Monica's in Mereside. The Community of Our Lady of the Assumption is worthy of mentioning. In addition to the spiritual life of the people, many social events take place in the parish hall (which was the old church and is now also a community centre).   Edit

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The power of Christian prayer Help my unbelief
Dear God, help my unbelief. When I'm in pain, I forget that you care about me. I forget that you have helped me through my trials. I forget that you hold me in your arms to keep me safe. I forget that you are feeling my pain with me. I forget that you love me, I forget that I am important to you. Show me your presence - let me feel your enveloping love. Heal my hurting soul. Thank you for staying with me even in my unbelief.
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