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Madoyana 171-173/34,
Rostov-on-Don, Rostovskaya, Russia 344041

Старший пастор: Хвалов Владимир Александрович
Rostovskaya Tserkov' Khrista Spasitelya - Rostov-on-Don, Rostovskaya

Krutitskaya Street, 11/13,
Moscow, Moscow, Russia 109044

Priest: Patriarch Kirill
Resurrection Slovusheye Orthodox Church - Moscow, Moscow

Shuya, Ivanovo, Russia 155922

Priest: Patriarch Kirill
Holy Virgin and All Saints Orthodox Church - Shuya, Ivanovo

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Пятигорская, 82,
nalchik, Kabardino-balkarskaja Ðespublika, Russia 360000

Priest: Patriarch Kirill
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Dukhovsky Lane, 1,
Moscow, Moscow, Russia 115191

Priest: Patriarch Kirill
Advent Orthodox Church - Moscow, Moscow

Alapaevsk, Sverdlovsk, Russia 624600

Priest: Patriarch Kirill
Alapaevsk Orthodox Monastery - Alapaevsk, Sverdlovsk

Dorogobuzhskaya, Smolensk, Russia 215741

Priest: Patriarch Kirill
Aleksino Orthodox Chapel - Dorogobuzhskaya, Smolensk

Kotlas, Arkhangelsk, Russia 165330

Priest: Patriarch Kirill
Alexander Vvedensky Orthodox Cathedral - Kotlas, Arkhangelsk

Novoslobodskaya Street, 58,
Moscow, Moscow, Russia 127055

Priest: Patriarch Kirill
All Merciful Saviour Orthodox Cathedral Novoslobodskaya - Moscow, Moscow

Yunosti Street, 2,
Moscow, Moscow, Russia 111442

Priest: Patriarch Kirill
All Merciful Saviour Orthodox Church - Moscow, Moscow

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