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We are located in Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada; a quiet yet vibrant town lying in the valley of the Kennebecasis River. It is pastoral. We are pastoral. Come feel our spirit. We are a happy, faith filled community who care for each other. We are home. Welcome to Our Home!


At St. Alphonsus we believe that life in our parish is centered in the Eucharist. The altar is the focal point. Here we congregate and celebrate who we are, renew our commitment to Jesus whom we believe is present and active in our midst, and listen again to that Word which is always "Good News". It is a Word that is at once revealing and life-giving, a Word that calls us and at the same enables us to become loving persons.

We believe in people- that people generally are good and try to do the best they can. We believe that we ought to accept ALL people, be forgiving to them and love them unconditionally because they are made in God's image and likeness, have been redeemed by Jesus, and are therefore signs of the Lord's presence.

We believe that authority in a parish is a call to serve - all according to their gifts and the movement of the Spirit with no one "lording it over" anyone. Responsibility in the community will be shared because the Spirit speaks in all the members who are called to minister, to contribute and to speak.

We believe in faith development for the total congregation with special emphasis on adults because it is our conviction that the act of faith is an adult act. Faith is a process into which children are initiated in baptism. Their growth in faith will depend largely on the quality of faith they experience and assimilate in the adult community, especially in the home. The faith development program for children, especially where parents are very much involved, can help greatly in the children's religious upbringing. While the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist is geared primarily to adults, we believe it is the single most formative ingredient in the faith development of both adults and children. Once monthly, the youth have their own Word Liturgy for children as part of their faith development sessions, while the Liturgy of the Word is celebrated in the Assembly.

We believe in the effectiveness of small (primary) groups working and leavening within the larger framework of the congregation. Originating from the people, these can minister to the needs of a segment or to the need of the larger community. Liturgical ministries, support groups, committees, parish council, and the like are called not to wield power but to serve. New groups can be formed as needed just as old groups should be disbanded when their functioning is no longer effective or needed.

We believe that as a congregation we are responsible to the larger community we live in and ultimately to people everywhere. Social action which includes the constant pursuit of justice and peace will always be for us a chief concern. As individuals and collectively we need to listen to the Spirit who calls us to share our money, our services, and our buildings in a spirit of genuine outreach and service. We want our doors to be open and our arms outstreched. As disciples of Jesus we are called to be ever ready.

We believe that financing will be no problem in our parish as long as the parishioners are well served. We believe the members will support what they love and believe in. As a policy we refrain for high-powered pulpit -pounding for money. We solicit people's free offerings because" the Lord loves a cheerful giver". We do not believe in over burdening our parishioners with a multitude of appeals, raffles or bingo. We believe in parish socials to bring people together for congregation, not fund raising. We do ask for and need the weekly offering envelope as it is our sole means of financial support.

Church Address

St. Alphonsus Catholic Church
22 Church Street
Hampton, NB E5N 5B3
Phone: (506) 832-3327
Fax: (506) 832-2157
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Church Pastor

Fr Don Savoie
Fr Don Savoie
Parish Priest
22 Church Street
Hampton, NB E5N 5B3
Phone: (506) 832-0384
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St. Alphonsus Catholic Church Hampton Mass Times

Our three worship sites are now open for Mass.

We will only be able to have 50 people in the church at Mass at any one time and we ask that all parishioners be respectful of this. Please continue to be vigilant about hand washing, respecting the 6' physical distancing, limiting your contacts, and wearing a face mask if you are able. Let's continue to pray for all who are affected by this pandemic.

We also ask that you familiarize yourself with the Diocesan Operational Protocols, which can be reviewed here

The following is a short summary of the changes we can expect:

Continue to follow physical distancing rules of staying two metres inside the church. Sit in every second or third pew. Family units can sit in the same pew (or row of chairs). People are asked to sit 2 metres apart in each pew or row.
Health Screening Questions will be posted in front of the church that all parishioners must read. If you are experiencing any symptoms, please do not enter.
There will be separate entrances and exits; please respect these.
Please wear a face mask while attending church.
There will only be one lector.
Parts of the Mass that are normally sung will be spoken instead.
Altar servers are not permitted. Only the priest will give communion.
We also ask all parishioners to receive the Holy Eucharist by hand, not on the tongue. More about this is in the Diocesan Operational Protocols document.
Offertory will not be collected during Mass. There will be places near the entrance and exit to leave donations.
There will be no hugging or shaking hands during the sign of peace.

Mass Times:

St. Anthony's Saturday at 4:00pm

St. Alphonsus Sunday at 9:30am

St. Bridget's Sunday at 11:30am

Mass Times last updated on the 3rd of August, 2020
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History of St. Alphonsus Catholic Church Hampton

St. Alphonsus Parish Hampton, New Brunswick
1877 - 2011

The story of St. Alphonsus has been one of faith and growth.

The Church of St. Alphonsus was erected in 1877 by the late Rt. Reverend J. M. O'Flaherty. It was attended by priests from the Cathedral staff until 1927, when Reverend J. R. McCarthy was appointed the first resident parish priest and it became a parish church October 9, 1927.

St. Alphonsus Church was not the first place of worship for the Catholics of the area. Prior to 1877 they attended St. Stephen's Church near Norton. St. Stephen's was destroyed by fire and it was after that St. Alphonsus was built.

The church was named St. Alphonsus after the founder of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. St. Alphonsus was born in Naples in 1696. He was a lawyer but he left the legal profession and entered the priesthood. He was chosen Bishop of Saint Agata dei Goti, but soon resigned his office to work as a simple priest. He died in 1787.

The story is told that the Hampton parishioners requested that the new church be named St. Alphonsus after a mission was conducted here by members of the Order which he had founded.

The growth of the parish has kept pace with the growth and development of the community and it seems timely, in this account, to note some of that development.

In 1980 the new St. Alphonsus church was built on the other side of Church Street to the old church building. The first Mass at the new church was held at noon on Sunday, March 1st, 1981. Father Frank McDonald was the pastor at this time having come to Hampton in 1975. He retired in 1981 and resided in Hampton until his death on November 4, 2010. He was 95.

From 1976 to1980 the population of the town of Hampton doubled, as did the size of the parish communty at St.Alphonsus. During this time Father Frank McDonald encouraged Sister Teresa Hucul to come to St. Alphonsus, to lead the faith formation program. Even before her time at St.Alphonsus Sister Hucul was hearing songs come to her out of scripture, life expreiences and creation. Songs emerged out of her experince of God. She would waken with song, sometines in its begining, sometines in fulness connecting the events of peoples lives within the symbols and rituals of the sacraments . Between 1985 an 1999 she recorded five albums, enhancing relations of marriage , baptism, and seasons of the year of faith, bringing joy in parish liturgy and drawing all into God's continuing incarnation.

In 1982 Father Lawrence J. Murphy came to St. Alphonsus and served as parish priest until his transfer to St. Theresa's Parish in Naswa0aksis in 1989. He was instrumental in establishing a Saturday evening folk music group in the parish. He also enjoyed home visits with new parishioners, encouraging them to use their gifts and participate in the parish ministries.

The Pastoral team of Father Kevin Barry and Sister Doreen McGuire came to St. Alphonsus parish in 1989 and worked closely with the parish council to bring together a team of dedicated parishioners and professionals to design and erect a cross and bell tower at the back of the church building. The cross was erected in October of 1992 and on May 29, 1993 (Pentecost Sunday) the parish blessed and dedicated the new Cross-Bell Tower. The bell came from the original St. Alphonsus church. A parish time capsule was placed in the bell tower prior to it being bricked in. In 1992 the church name was installed, on the front right hand side of the church, in 10 inch aluminum cast letters created by Charlie Branscombe.

In October of 1993 an exterior wheelchair ramp was completed giving access to the church hall with the installation of an exterior side door and the construction of an interior ramp. This ramp has been essential in the distribution of food for the Hampton Food Basket that has been established in the church hall since 1995. The hall floor was tiled in 1997.

The parish house, located at the back of the church at 39 Tiley Street, is the location for all parish meetings as well as the location of the parish office. With the continuous growth of parish ministries and the need for additional meeting, counseling and living space the parish house was expanded in 1996.

Another area of growth has been the parish cemetery located on the Pickwacket Road, on Route 845. From 1996 until 2000 additional parcels of land were purchased, doubling the size of the original cemetery. The expansion allowed the cemetery committee to relocate and enlarge the entrance to the cemetery and create an adequate parking area. The committee continues to develop and make on- going improvements to the cemetery with plans to open a new section to the cemetery in 2011.

With the continuous growth of the parish ministries and involvement by parishioner in these ministries, there have been three "Ministry Appreciation Dinners". The first dinner was held in 1998, then again in 2002 and in 2004. The parishioners from St. Anthony’s parish, in Upham, were very supportive of these parish endeavours by preparing the meals for each of these occasions.

To rectify a serious water drainage problem on the church property, an extensive excavation project was commissioned in 1997 with the installation of an underground culvert system tying the property into the Town of Hampton's drainage system. Once the water problem was resolved, the church grounds were landscaped and in 1999 the church and parish house property (including all of Tiley Street) were paved, creating easy access to the church and much needed parking spaces in the front and back of the church.

In October 2000 Father Barry met with artisan Jacques Bourgault, on behalf of Father McDonald, to obtain a magnificently carved wood statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary which is currently positioned in the church interior on the left side wall. Again in 2002 the parish commissioned Mr. Bourgault to carve a statue of the "Resurrected Jesus" which was erected, in the church interior, by the cross at the front of the church in 2003.

Starting In 2000 and over a two year period, nine beautiful stained glass windows from the original St. Alphonsus church were repaired by stained glass artist Paul Blaney. In 2003 six of those stained glass windows were incorporated in the church interior.

Parishioner David Martin received his Deaconate in 2002 and in 2003 he was ordained at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. David celebrated his first mass at St. Alphonsus in May 2003. David was the pastor at St. Patrick's Newmarket parish and the chaplin at St. Thomas University Chapel. He is currently on a one year sabattical.

Over a two year period from 2002-2003 the parish brought the church and the parish house up to the fire code per direction from the fire marshall and the diocesan insurance company.

The parish launched its first website in 2004 and has had several upgrades over the years. A new website currently being designed will be officially unveiled at the 30 year parish celebration on June 4, 2011. Also in 2004 the parish launched a cook book ““Pilgrims Pantry" which was a very successful fund raiser. In 2005 the parish photo directory was completed by Universal Portrait Studios.

From 2005 through 2008 there were numerous maintenance and construction projects required for the upkeep and enhancement of the church and parish house. In 2005 the church interior was painted and a new roof for the church was installed. In 2006 the front steps of the church entrance were repaired, a new roof was installed on the parish house garage and a new ceiling put up in the church hall. In 2007 hardwood flooring was installed on the church altar, a new baptismal font was installed at the back of the church and lightening rods were installed on the church roof.

As a means of improving the parish finances the Finance Administration Committee launched the Customer Automatic Fund Transfer (CAFT) program to the congregation in 2008. The name of the program was changed to "Easy Offertory" to help parishioners understand the ease of enrolling in this offertory option.

In 2009 the parish celebrated two special occasions; Father McDonald's 68th year of ordination and Father Barry's 50th year of ordination and in 2010 the parish celebrated Sister Doreen McGuire 50th anniversary as a Sister of Charity.

Over the years, St. Alphonsus parishioners have been trained as lay presiders and as delegates for taking annulment statements. St. Alphonsus continues to have little rock scripture study and audit spiritual direction sessions. Taize and evening prayer are held monthly. Partnering a Parish is continuously fund raising for Jamaica and Peru. For the last 19 year the parish has held the Christmas Times Strings with the Buckley Family Ensemble. .

As part of the parishes 30th year celebration, new carpeting will be installed in the church in May, 2011. On June 4th parishioners are invited to participate in the 30th year parish celebration starting at 6:00 PM, in the church hall. This parish event will give parishioners an opportunity to reflect on the past as well as explore the future, while mingling with companion parishioners and enjoying a roast beef parish supper. This is an occasion to be enjoyed by all. To coordinate this festivity, parishioners are asked to take a moment, to indicate their attendance, on the sign up sheet in the foyer.   Edit

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