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Welcome to the Benefice of Brimpsfield with Birdlip, Syde, Daglingworth, The Duntisbournes, Winstone, Miserden and Edgeworth – seven parishes with about twelve discrete communities and nine Church buildings. These communities are set in a stunningly beautiful area in the triangle between Cirencester, Gloucester and Stroud.

The word ‘benefice’ originally meant an estate held for life in return for certain services, especially military service. A church or ecclesiastical benefice is a temporal endowment attached to any permanent office in the Church.

This all sounds rather stuffy and ‘churchy’. What does it mean? Well, the collection of parishes in the Benefice is arbitrary but the best possible way of making use of the available clergy. The parishes have greater affinity with some than with others. The communities within parishes work together in the larger grouping of the Benefice while retaining their strong local identities. This very strong local identity is important but is balanced by maintaining an outward view in our dealings with the wider world.

Location of worship

St Bartholomew
Croft Lane
Winstone, Gloucestershire GL7 7JU
United Kingdom
Phone: 01285 821234
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Church Pastor

Rev Valerie Thorne
Rev Valerie Thorne
Croft Lane
Winstone, Gloucestershire GL7 7JU
United Kingdom
Phone: 01285 821040
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Matthew 7:15

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.





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I was inducted as the Rector of The Ermin West Benefice on the 23 September 2012. Before training for the Ministry at Wycliffe College in Oxford (2007-2009) I worshipped at Withington and Northleach. My curacies in the Tyndale Benefice (Wotton under Edge) and the Sodbury Vale Benefice (Chipping Sodbury) confirmed my belief in the value of the rural church. I am therefore delighted to be in my present post.   Edit
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Croft Lane, Winstone, Gloucestershire
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Usually on the first Sunday in the month there is a 'BCP' (Book if Common Prayer - 1662 version) Morning Prayer / Matins service at 10:00, and on the 3rd Sunday there is a 'Common Worship' (CW - more modern) service of Holy Communion at 11:00. Occasionally, there are other additional services.

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There is a shallow step outside the porch, but that can be avoided by going onto the grass to oneside. There is a shallow step into the porch, and a shallow threshold strip into the Knave, none of which have, in the past, prevented wheelchair access.   Edit

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Traditional (with the organ), and modern hymns (some with guitar) are used.   Edit

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History of St Bartholomew Winstone Gloucestershire

The church of Saint Bartholomew is situated at the end of a long lane, not suitable for coaches, away from the main village, in a very peaceful location. Originally there was a mill and other dwellings in the vicinity, but it is thought that the main village moved to higher ground as a precaution against the plague.

The church is of Saxon/Norman origin and was most probably built within a few years of 1070AD. It is a simple single cell building and is one of only five churches on the Cotswolds which have no east window. The simplicity of the building gives it a charm of its own and it has a very prayerful atmosphere.

By the mid 19th century the church had fallen into disrepair and in 1875 it was restored by Waller of Gloucester. Unfortunately at this time all the plaster was removed and the interior was ribbon-pointed. However a recent quinquennial survey the architect discovered small traces of a wall painting high above the chancel arch almost at roof level. During the Victorian restoration all the memorials were removed and many of them disappeared. Several were banished to the base of the tower and about 50 years ago the fine memorial to John Haviland, printer, now on the west wall of the nave, was brought back into the church. Among those remaining in the tower is one to John Longdon who was rector of Winstone for 68 years in the 18th/19th centuries. His grave is in the churchyard at the east end on the church.

In 1922 the church was given an 18th century chamber organ given to the church by the then Rector of Duntisbourne Abbot.
During the 1950s and 60s the church was once again restored and the organ was moved to the west end of the nave. Central heating was installed in 1972 and the church can truly be said to be warm for services..

The small stained glass window in the nave depicting St Bartholomew is Victorian and The Sower in the chancel was one of the last executed by Edward Payne, the well-known Gloucestershire stained glass artist.

The tower has a ring of six bells, the 4th being cast by John of Gloucester circa 1320 and the tenor at the Worcester foundry circa 1420. The other four came from the church of St John , Northgate, Gloucester in 1989 and were cast at the famous Rudhall foundry in 1776.

The church is always open and visitors and walkers alike find it to be an inviting and peaceful place to rest for a while.   Edit

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