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The early Catholic settlers who came to St. Clements, Ontario in the early 1830’s were from Alsace-Lorraine and Bavaria.They met in homes for religious liturgies and were served by missionary priests. In time, the community sent their most fluent English-speaker, Adam Koebel, to the bishop of Toronto – a two-week’s walk away – for permission to secure land and build a church. A log church was built in 1840, then replaced by a larger, brick edifice. The new church opened in 1858. It was such a special and joyous occasion that a large brass band from Buffalo performed before Mass. St. Clement’s Church was considered at that time, to be the largest Church west of Toronto.

Through the years, the community grew and improvements were made to the church, rectory and convent. The School sisters of Notre Dame took charge of the school, where they taught from 1896 until the late 1970’s. Many vocations to the priesthood and religious life came from St. Clements, including fourteen priests, fifty-three sisters, and two brothers.

Devoted pastors have shepherded the parish. One example is Father William Becker, who served as pastor from 1924 to 1960. During his tenure, major renovations took place in the church; the pipe organ was rebuilt, murals painted, and Stations of the Cross installed. A Eucharistic Congress held at St. Clements in 1949 drew more than 1,500 Catholics from around the diocese. That same year, Father Becker was named Monsignor.

In 1961 the church steeple had to be removed because of safety issues. A cross, with four brightly shining spotlights was erected in its place as a sign of faith in Christ, the light of the world. In 1980 the parish cared for two refugee families from South East Asia. Through worship, charity and parish activities, St. Clement’s Parish continues to give witness to its faith.

Location of worship

St. Clement's Parish
St. Clement's Parish
3619 Lobsinger Line
St. Clements, Ontario N0B 2M0
Phone: 519 699 4425
Fax: 519 699 5156
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Church Pastor

Rev. J. Martin Mikulski, S.A.C.
Rev. J. Martin Mikulski, S.A.C.
3619 Lobsinger Line
St. Clements, Ontario N0B 2M0
Phone: 519 699 4425
Fax: 519 699 5156
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Saturday - 5:00 pm

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Tuesday, Wednesday - 12:00 pm (noon)

Thursday, Friday – 8:00 am

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Saturday - 4:00 – 4:30 pm
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Children’s Liturgy

Enables children (Grade 2 and younger) to hear and discuss the Gospel at their own level.This program is offered at the 9:00 a.m. Sunday Mass. Children begin Mass in the church and are led down to the hall for their lesson and return at Offertory. To assist (good opprotunity for volunteer hours) or for more information call Sharon at 519.699.4032.   Edit
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History of St. Clement's Parish St. Clements ON

St. Clement's Roman Catholic Church
3619 Lobsinger Line, St. Clements, ON, N0B 2M0

Begun: c.1840

The first Roman Catholic missionary in the area was Rev. John Louis Wiriath who established a mission at St. Agatha c.1834; however, he made very few visits to the area of St. Clements. Father Peter Schneider was the next missionary, also from St. Agatha, from 1838-1844.

A first log church was built in 1840, and was located not far from the present red brick church. Father Simon Sanderl (1844-1847) gave the church the name of St. Alphonsus which was the name of his own Order, but in 1852 Bishop Michael Power of Toronto directed that the church be called St. Clement's. At the same time, St. Clement's became a parish and received its first resident pastor, Rev. Columban Messner - on November 1, 1852. From 1847-1852 the congregation had been ministered to by the Jesuits, Fathers Lucas Caveng and Bernard Fritsch from St. Agatha, as was New Germany and other missions.

The present church building was completed in 1858; at that time it served St. Clements, Elmira, Macton and Hesson.

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The power of Christian prayer With us night and morning
By gracious powers so wonderfully sheltered, and confidently waiting come what may, we know that God is with us night and morning, and never fails to greet us each new day. Yet is this heart by its old foe tormented, still evil days bring burdens hard to bear; Oh, give our frightened souls the sure salvation for which, O Lord, You taught us to prepare. And when this cup You give is filled to brimming with bitter suffering, hard to understand, we take it thankfully and without trembling, out of so good and so beloved a hand. Yet when again in this same world You give us the joy we had, the brightness of Your Sun, we shall remember all the days we lived through, and our whole life shall then be Yours alone.
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