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About St. Francis of Assisi Parish

St. Francis of Assisi was canonically erected July 25, 1978, by the Most Rev. Arthur J. Gilbert, Bishop of Saint John.

The sod turning for the New Church took place September 3, 1983 with construction starting November 2, 1983. The first Mass in the new Church was celebrated June 2, 1984.

Although St. Francis of Assisi is one of the newer parishes in the Diocese of Saint John, it has a longer history in the area.

From the beginning, St. Francis of Assisi Parish has been blessed with parishioners willing to devote their time and effort on behalf of the church. This community spirit helped to adorn the church building after it was constructed and blessed.

St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Lincoln is that small oasis of faith, hope and love on the road from the airport, welcoming visitors and residents to the provincial capital.

Location of worship

St. Francis of Assisi Parish
St. Francis of Assisi Parish
2130 Lincoln Road
Lincoln, New Brunswick E3B 8N1
Phone: 506-357-2593

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Church Pastor

Father Charles Udeh
Father Charles Udeh
2130 Lincoln Road
Lincoln, New Brunswick E3B 8N1
Phone: 506-357-2593

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Isaiah 9:2

"The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned."


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2130 Lincoln Road, Lincoln, NB
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Liturgy: 7 pm

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St. Francis of Assisi Parish History

St Francis of Assisi Parish

Lincoln, New Brunswick, Canada

The Catholic Community in the Fredericton area in the 1900's was served by St Dunstans parish on the south side of the St John River and St Antony's on the North side, and this was sufficient for many years. However in the 1970's this was not sufficient anymore and new Parishes started to spring up in the greater Fredericton Area.

At the present we have:

1. Our Lady of Fatima in Marysville
2. St Theresa in Nashwaaksis,
3. St Antony's in Devon,
4. Holy Family on the Hanwell,
5. St John & and Paul in New Maryland,
6. St Francis of Assisi in Lincoln,
7. Ste Anne-Des-Pays-Bas in Fredericton

Many of these parishes are small with about 150 - 200 Family's and with a debt load on their Churches and Buildings

St Francis of Assisi Parish was established in 1975, and was covering the Lincoln area, between Fredericton and Oromocto, and some boundary changes had to take place. The Grounds, The Payne property approx 200 acres belonging to St Dunstans, became the property of the new Parish and the old farm house was slightly modified so that Mass could be said on Saturday's and Sunday's and 2 Committees were established, the Building and Cemetery, and they were on there way.

As was mentioned before that we are located between the 2 Community's we have some special attractions like a lighthouse which is located along the Saint John River, we are also the home of the Lincoln Airport, and at times during Mass you can hear the planes coming over. Soon in 1998-1999, we will also have a natural gas pipe line in the middle of our Parish and the Trans Canada Highway on our southern Parish boundary.

Bishop Gilbert blessed the New Church in June 1984, and this new church has many good features in it. It is wheel chair accessible on both floors, without the use of a lift. There is a main foyer area when you enter the Church upstairs floor, where there is a place and time to meet each other before and after masses and it has 3 other small rooms for meetings as well as a washroom. Although the church is only 3/4 build, it is quite usable and if in the future more space is required only the raised platform, with the Altar has to be changed.

Downstairs, again wheel chair accessible is a big Parish hall, which can hold 400 people as well as a cooking kitchen, dish room, 2 washrooms, small canteen/bar and a small meeting room. The hall is used for Bingo's, wedding dinners, and many religious uses. And then there is the old Payne house mainly used for catechism, and youth meetings, and we have a big cemetery just a stone throw away from the church and this has room to grow in the future.

We have been blessed with our parish Priest and they were Holy Cross Fathers: John Laydon, Ed Baird, Lloyd Beechamp, Norman Bordage, Fr John Jennings, Bill Brennan, and in 2000 we have Rev Don Savoie as Administrator. Many substitute priest from all around. Also there are many smaller organizations and committee's in our daily operations of the Parish such as : Building and Grounds, Cemetery, Choir, Religious, Catechism, Youth, Catholic Women's League, Knights of Columbus.

Besides the Church building and the Payne house, we now have Columbus House, the home of Council 9496 of the Knights of Columbus, and it was completed in 1997, when they celebrated their 10th Anniversary. This building is now also used on Sundays for Cathechism, and as late as 1999 we had washrooms installed

Since then the Parish has made some landscaping changes and part of our drive way is now partially paved, and hopefully the rest will be done in the not to far future, as it makes the use of that building and the use of the biggest hall in the area so much the better

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The power of Christian prayer Abide with us
O Holy Spirit of God, abide with us; inspire all our thoughts; pervade our imaginations; suggest all our decisions; order all our doings. Be with us in our silence and in our speech, in our haste and in our leisure, in company and in solitude, in the freshness of the morning and in the weariness of the evening; and give us grace at all times humbly to rejoice in Thy mysterious companionship.
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