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Brighton Church of Christ, Brighton, Victoria, Australia

Who we are

Welcome to Brighton Church of Christ.

Our Vision

We are a praying, dynamic, loving Christian community.

PRAYER expresses our intimacy with God, and announces our absolute faith that He hears and acts as we pray. It involves many facets of Christian life including worship, discipleship, fellowship and evangelism.

Being DYNAMIC means our relationship with Christ, and our ministry to people can only be passionate, exciting, engaging and meaningful. We cannot be casual in our expression of faith. This can be achieved in the quiet of prayer or in the excitement of community engagement.

LOVING describes the nature of God, and how every attitude, behaviour and action is moved at the impulse of the love of God. As the light of His love is afire in our hearts, so our actions must be motivated by the love of God. Although this may compel us to denounce some human morals and behaviour, it always motivates us to love people.

We see a praying, dynamic, loving community of Christians making the Good News relevant to a modern, suburban society.
We see Christians who are seeking greater intimacy with God joining us in making this vision come to pass.
We see people lost and without hope hearing the Gospel of Christ, repenting, believing in Christ for salvation, and joining us in making this vision grow.
We see individuals released into their ministry, full of the promise of God and living within God’s purpose for their life.

Our mission

We exist to reclaim and rebuild the people of Brighton for Jesus Christ.

Among all the teaching, actions and miracles of Jesus, it is God’s message of love, forgiveness and hope that is the chief task of His Church. This message is known as the Gospel which means “Good News”. This message must be conveyed in prayer, word and action.

We will pray because prayer is our lifeline to God.
We will speak because the Word of the Lord stands forever.
We will act, because faith without actions is dead.

We are dedicated to sharing this message in our community in a way that is relevant to these times and understandable to people in the language they speak each day. We are constantly seeking new means of conveying this great message: -
• God loves you
• Jesus died for you
• God has a purpose for your life

With passion, boldness and grace we will proclaim these great truths.

Our culture

• Vibrant worship
• Intentional discipleship
• Enriching fellowship
• Targeted Mission
• Administration with Integrity

Church Address

Corner Male and Wilson Streets
Brighton, VIC 3186
Phone: 0395921531

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Church Pastor

Danny Parkinson
Corner Male and Wilson Streets
Brighton, VIC 3186
Phone: 0395921531

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Quote of the Day
John 15:16

Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.




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Brighton Church of Christ - Corner Male and Wilson Streets, Brighton, VIC
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Brighton Church of Christ Brighton Service Times

Sunday worship 10am

COmmunity Prayers
6:30pm 1st Thursday of the month, followed by dinner at a local restaurant

Service Times last updated on the 27th of January, 2011

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New King James
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any that glorify God are whose words are true to the Gospel

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