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Crossgate Community Church, Franklin, Nebraska, United States
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Crossgate strives to keep ten values close to the core of everything they do. These values help us keep our focus and make decsions....

Our Ministry Distinctives (DNA):

There are many chuches, but each church seems to have a different "DNA" in the way that they go about ministry. It usually takes a while to discover what some of the underlying currents are at a church, but we wanted to make our distictives available to you off the get-go. Again these are not our core beliefs, but rather a code that we use as we filter the way ministry is done at Crossgate.

We desire to know, love, and pursue Jesus
We welcome all walks of Life
We are down to Earth
We are armed with Grace
We are on a global endeavor
We defend the Big Rocks
We strive to be relevant to the next generation
We are intentional in our daily lives
We challenge Men
We are on a disciple making mission

Church Address

M Street West
Franklin, NE 68939-5176
United States
Phone: 3084253163

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Church Pastor

Kasey Loschen
1230 Gh Road
Franklin, NE 68939
United States
Phone: 3084253163

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Quote of the Day
Isaiah 60:1

Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.



Crossgate Community Church is a part of the Missionary Church.​ The Missionary Church is an evangelical church that is one of the fastest growing denominations in the United States today. The Missionary Church is recognized as the leader in training church planters in the United States through its Church Multiplication Training Center. For its comparative size, the Missionary Church is one of the leading denominations in the United States in terms of successful church plants. The Missionary Church has planted over 180 new churches in the past 10 years with four new districts under development in Puerto Rico, Texas, the Rio Grande area and the Mid-Atlantic area (VA, SC, NC, MD). The Missionary Church is seen as being very balanced in its theology, very progressive in its overseas missions ministry and visionary in its church planting/daughtering emphasis The dynamic passion of the Missionary Church is five fold: 1. Intercessory Prayer 2. Strengthen Local Churches 3. Evangelize and Make Disciples 4. Plant new churches and Districts 5. Recruit Catalytic Leaders


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Kasey Loschen
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1230 Gh Road

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Leader Bio:
Kasey is a native of Hildreth, Nebraska. Kasey's background is in farming and construcion mangagement. It doesn't take long for a person to realize that Kasey has an obvious passion for Jesus, his family, bow hunting, and hotrods.

Becoming a pastor was not even close to what Kasey hoped to do with his life in his younger years. Infact, he used to strongly dislike going to church . Following Christ appeared boring to him when compared to everything the party scene offered. He was a homecoming king and a feared linebacker in highschool that liked to do damage to quaterbacks. He would have never admited it then, but he now admits there was an emptiness inside of him even during some of his greatest moments before meeting Christ.

It was late in highschool when his world got rocked by a nice church girl named Jen.

Jen attended Crossgate so Kasey followed her there to make a good impression, but he found something even greater. He found what the hole in his soul was ultimately after - a relationship with Christ. After he got the girl his pursuit to become a follower of Christ didn't waver. The purpose he had found in the Christian faith was far greater than anything else he had been chasing in his younger years.

We are a church that strongly believes in raising up disciples and we are proud to have a 'home grown' pastor as our leader. Kasey is now our fulltime pastor role at Crossgate. He resides in Franklin with his wife Jen and daughters Lola, Lena, Olivia, Lindy, Amelia, and Jude.
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P.O. Box 113
Franklin, NE

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Crossgate Community Church - M Street West, Franklin, NE
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Sunday School 9:30am
Sunday Worship 10:45am
Wednesday nights 7:00pm

Service Times last updated on the 13th of February, 2020

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We want you to be comfortable and wear what you want. Some enjoy dressing up as they have for years, while others prefer worshiping in jeans and a t-shirt. Some of the people who speak at our church (like Caleb) actually prefer to wear jeans while they are preaching. So, the bottom line – wear what you want. We just want you to be there and enjoy your time with God and us.

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Crossgate Community Church, Franklin, Nebraska, United States
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