Baptist Churches in Ontario near me

There are 364 Baptist churches listed with in Ontario, Canada.

Most Baptist churches are listed in Toronto (48 churches) , Mississauga (20 churches) and Hamilton (18 churches). Scarborough, North York and Brampton also have quite a number of Baptist churches listed (16, 12 and 9 churches respectively).

Recently Updated Baptist Churches in Ontario

Address: 22397 Adelaide Street,
Mount Brydges, Ontario, Canada N0L 1W0

Pastor: David Adams

Service Times: Mount Brydges Baptist Church Mount Brydges


Address: 928 Laporte Street, #195,
Clarence-Rockland, Ontario, Canada K4K 1M7

Service Times: Sundays 10-11:30am

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All Baptist Churches in Ontario

Address: 169 Kingham Road,
Acton, Ontario, Canada L7J 2P3

Service Times:
Add Thrive Community Church - Acton, Ontario photo

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Address: 37 Glen Watford Drive,
Agincourt, Ontario, Canada M1S 2C2

Pastor: Matt Sampson

Service Times:

Address: 17 Gordon Avenue,
Agincourt, Ontario, Canada M1S 1A6

Pastor: William Don Keung D Wong

Service Times:
Add Toronto Swatow Baptist Church - Agincourt, Ontario photo

Address: 18 Carle Cres,
Ajax, Ontario, Canada L1T 3T8

Pastor: Dave Fowler

Service Times:
Add Durham Church Network - Ajax, Ontario photo

Address: c/o 120 Chatfield Drive,
Ajax, Ontario, Canada L1T 2J7

Service Times:
Add Iglesia Bautista Betel - Ajax, Ontario photo

Address: 7222 Rokeby Line,
Alvinston, Ontario, Canada N0N 1A0

Pastor: Chris Jorgensen

Service Times:
Add Brooke-Enniskillen Baptist Church - Alvinston, Ontario photo

Address: 13 Church St.,
Arkona, Ontario, Canada N0M 1B0

Pastor: Barbara Evans

Service Times:
Add Arkona Baptist Church - Arkona, Ontario photo

Address: 279 Alicia Street,
Arnprior, Ontario, Canada K7S 1H6

Service Times:
Add First Baptist Church - Arnprior, Ontario photo

Address: 33 Wellington St E,
Aurora, Ontario, Canada L4G 1H4

Pastor: James Newman

Service Times:
Add First Baptist Church Aurora - Aurora, Ontario photo

Address: 153 John St S,
Aylmer, Ontario, Canada N5H 2C6

Pastor: Cameron Watts

Service Times:
Add Aylmer Baptist Church - Aylmer, Ontario photo

Address: 550 Grove St E,
Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4M 5Z5

Pastor: Edwin Smart

Service Times:
Add First Baptist Church Barrie - Barrie, Ontario photo


Address: 565 Bryne Drive,
Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4N 9Y3

Pastor: Adam Brown

Service Times: Sunday 10:00AM

Address: 8 King St,
Beachville, Ontario, Canada N0J 1A0

Service Times:
Add Beachville Baptist Church - Beachville, Ontario photo

Address: 3060 Binbrook Road W.,
Binbrook, Ontario, Canada L0R 1C0

Pastor: Alex Thompson

Service Times:
Add Binbrook Baptist Church - Binbrook, Ontario photo

Address: 44 Michigan Ave,
Blind River, Ontario, Canada P0R 1B0

Pastor: Rustin Hildebrand

Service Times:
Add Immanuel Baptist Church Blind River - Blind River, Ontario photo

Address: 541 Cedar Lane,
Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada P1L 1V6

Service Times:
Add First Baptist Church Bracebridge - Bracebridge, Ontario photo

Address: 130 Edenbrook hill drive,
Brampton, Ontario, Canada L7A 2R3

Service Times:
Add Agape Salvation Ministries - Brampton, Ontario photo

Address: 13 Nutwood Way,
Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6R 0X7

Service Times:
Add Baptist International Worship Centre - Brampton, Ontario photo

Address: 1989 North Park Drive,
Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6S 5X5

Pastor: K. Ming Wong

Service Times:
Add Brampton Chinese Baptist Church - Brampton, Ontario photo

Address: 500 Central Park Drive,
Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6S 2C8

Service Times:
Add Central Park Baptist Church - Brampton, Ontario photo

Address: 10245 Kennedy Rd N.,
Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6Z 0C5

Service Times:
Add Heart Lake Baptist Church - Brampton, Ontario photo

Address: 33 Caranci Cr.,
Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6P 1H1

Service Times:
Add Iglesia Bautista Getsemani - Brampton, Ontario photo

Address: 171 Buick Blvd,
Brampton, Ontario, Canada L7A 0Z1

Service Times:
Add Life Eternal Asian Fellowship Canada - Brampton, Ontario photo

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