Catholic Churches in Australia near me

There are 199 Catholic Church churches listed with in Australia.

Most Catholic Church churches are listed in Western Australia (166 church) and Queensland (33 church).

Recently Updated RC churches in Australia

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Address: 74 Hardie Rd, Spencer Park,
Albany, Western Australia, Australia 6330

Parish Priest: Fr Vincent Comple, OSJ

Mass Times: Weekend Masses Holy Family Church: 6.00pm

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Address: 11 Hehir Street,
Belmont, Western Australia, Australia 6104

Rector: Rev Fr Michael Rowe

Mass Times: Mass Times Sunday: 7:30 AM Sunday: 9:30

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All RC churches in Australia

Address: Nelson Street,
Clardale, Queensland, Australia 4807

Parish Priest: Fr Abraham Cheripuram

Mass Times:
Add St Joseph's Parish - Clardale, Queensland photo

Address: 28 Stanley St,
Collinsville, Queensland, Australia 4804

Parish Priest: Fr Amado Canaveral

Mass Times: Sunday:6:00pm

Address: 58 Lonerganne St,
Garbutt, Queensland, Australia 4814

Parish Priest: Fr Mick Peters

Mass Times: Sunday:10:00am

Address: Church St,
Giru, Queensland, Australia 4809

Parish Priest: Fr Frederick Taylor

Mass Times: Sunday:7:00am
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Address: Scott St,
Halifax, Queensland, Australia 4850

Parish Priest: Fr Damian McGrath

Mass Times: Sunday:7:00am

Address: 24 Mowbray Street,
Hughenden, Queensland, Australia 4821

Parish Priest: Fr Francis Ferriggi

Mass Times: Friday:9:30am Saturday:6:30pm

Address: Catholic Parish House,
Palm Island, Queensland, Australia 4816

Parish Priest: Fr Emmanuel Gyamfi

Mass Times: Sunday:9:00am

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