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There are 84 Christian Church churches listed with in Toronto, Ontario.

In Toronto 60 other denominations are represented. Most popular of them are Roman Catholic (170 churches) , Anglican Church (75 churches) and Presbyterian Church (63 churches). United Church of Canada, Baptist and Orthodox Church also have quite a number of churches listed (56, 48 and 33 churches respectively).

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Address: 33 Melrose Ave,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5M 1Y6

Service Times:

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All Christian Churches in Toronto

Address: 1415 Royal York Road,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9P 3A7

Add All Saints Roman Catholic Church - Toronto, Ontario photo

Address: 1399 Bayview Av,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4G 3A6

Add Anglican Parish Churches In Toronto - Toronto, Ontario photo

Address: 33 Mallard Road,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3B 3N1

Add Archangel Michael and st Mina church Toronto - Toronto, Ontario photo

Address: 90 Eglinton Avenue East,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4P 2Y3

Add Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario - Toronto, Ontario photo

Address: 5095 Yonge Street,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2N 6Z4

Add CCF Toronto North - Toronto, Ontario photo

Address: 2610 Birchmount Road,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1W 2P5

Add Chinese Gospel Church Scarborough North Office - Toronto, Ontario photo

Address: Rexdale Boulevard,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9W 1N7

Add Christ Redeemer Church - Toronto, Ontario photo

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Address: 3154 Kingston Road,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Address: 671 Sheppard Avenue East,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2K 1B6

Elder: Steve Pritchard

Service Times: Sunday Schedule Lord's Table 9:30 AM Classes

Address: 1 Laurentide Drive,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3A 3C6

Add Church of Our Savior - Toronto, Ontario photo

Address: 85 Livingston Road,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Add Church of the Holy Trinity Guildwood - Toronto, Ontario photo

Address: 1536 The Queensway,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8Z 1T5

Add Church on the Queensway - Toronto, Ontario photo

Address: 16 Lockwood Road,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4L 3M8

Add Corpus Christi Church - Toronto, Ontario photo

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Address: 4190 Yonge Street,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2P 1N9

Address: 15 Olive Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2N 5S4

Add Faith Church - Toronto, Ontario photo

Address: 1967 Leslie Street,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3B 2M3

Add Faith international church - Toronto, Ontario photo

Address: 1303 Queen Street West,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6K 1L6

Add First International Baptist - Toronto, Ontario photo

Address: 713 Glencairn Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6B 1Z8

Add Glencairn Baptist Church - Toronto, Ontario photo

Address: 7 Gretna Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4A 2H5

Add Good Shepherd's Chinese Christian Church - Toronto, Ontario photo

Address: 28 Elmhurst Drive,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9W 2J5

Add Grace Fellowship Church - Toronto, Ontario photo

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