Church of England Churches in Gloucestershire near me

There are 365 Church of England churches listed with in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.

Most Church of England churches are listed in Cheltenham (20 churches) , Gloucester (12 churches) and Stroud (4 churches). Cinderford, Churchdown and Oddington also have quite a number of Church of England churches listed (3, 3 and 2 churches respectively).

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Address: 2 Chantry Gardens,
Bourton-on-the-Hill, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL56 9AP

Vicar: Rev'd Dana Delap

Service Times: Sundays Holy Communion (Common Worship) Every

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Address: Malvern Road,
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL50 2NN

Vicar: Rev Simon Heron

Service Times: Morning Prayer We hold morning prayer

Address: Church Lane,
Daglingworth, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL7 7AQ

Incumbent: Rev Valerie Thorne

Service Times: Sunday Service Pattern for Church of The

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All Church of England Churches in Gloucestershire

Address: Heron Way,
Abbeydale, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL4 5EQ

Pastor: Frank Heggs

Service Times: Sunday Morning Worship Sunday at 10:00 AM
Add Christchurch Abbeydale - Abbeydale, Gloucestershire photo

Abenhall, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL17 0SQ

Service Times:
Add St Michael - Abenhall, Gloucestershire photo

Acton Turville, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL9 1HL

Pastor: The Revd. Richard Thomson

Service Times: Sunday BCP Holy Communion A 1662 Book of
Add St Mary - Acton Turville, Gloucestershire photo

Adlestrop, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL56 0YN

Service Times:
Add St Mary Magdalene - Adlestrop, Gloucestershire photo

Alderton, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL20 8NR

Service Times:
Add St Margaret of Antioch - Alderton, Gloucestershire photo

Aldsworth, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL54 3QZ

Service Times:
Add St Bartholomew - Aldsworth, Gloucestershire photo


Address: Church Road,
Almondsbury, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom BS32 4DT

Pastor: Rev. Philip W. Rowe

Service Times: Sunday 8am Holy Communion Our 8am Sunday

Alstone, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL20 8JD

Pastor: Canon Matthew Baynes

Service Times:
Add St Margaret - Alstone, Gloucestershire photo

Alvington, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL15 6BQ

Service Times:
Add St Andrew - Alvington, Gloucestershire photo

Address: A417,
Ampney St Mary, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL7 5RU

Pastor: John Swanton

Service Times: Church Open The church is open during daylight
Add St Mary - Ampney St Mary, Gloucestershire photo

Address: Off the A417,
Ampney St Peter, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL7 5SH

Pastor: The Rev'd John Swanton

Service Times:
Add St Peter - Ampney St Peter, Gloucestershire photo

Address: Church St,
Arlingham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL2 7JW

Pastor: Rev Dr Anne Spargo

Service Times:

Address: A46, East of junction 9 of the M5,
Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL20 8JZ


Service Times: Sunday BCP communion Every Sunday at 8:00

Ashleworth, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL19 4JA

Pastor: Clive Annetts or Veronica Funnell

Service Times:
Add St Andrew and St Bartholomew - Ashleworth, Gloucestershire photo

Aston-Sub-Edge, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL55 6QA

Service Times:
Add St Andrew - Aston-Sub-Edge, Gloucestershire photo

Awre, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL14 1EW

Service Times: Sunday Family Communion A family service
Add St Andrew - Awre, Gloucestershire photo

Aylburton, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL15 6DB

Service Times:
Add St Mary - Aylburton, Gloucestershire photo

Aylburton Common, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL15 6DB

Service Times:
Add Mission Church - Aylburton Common, Gloucestershire photo

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