Church of the Brethren Church in Iowa near me

There are 25 Church of the Brethren churches listed with in Iowa, United States.

Most Church of the Brethren churches are listed in Waterloo (2 churches) , Sioux City (1 church) and Unionville (1 church). Fredericksburg, Council Bluffs and Batavia also have quite a number of Church of the Brethren churches listed (1, 1 and 1 church respectively).

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All Church of the Brethren Church in Iowa

Address: 13740 Monroe Wapello Rd,
Albia, Iowa, United States 52531-8729

Service Times:
Add Monroe County Church of the Brethren - Albia, Iowa photo

Address: 417 SE Grant St,
Ankeny, Iowa, United States 50021-3138

Service Times:
Add Ankeny Church of the Brethren - Ankeny, Iowa photo

Address: 1425 230th St,
Batavia, Iowa, United States 52533-7527

Service Times:
Add Libertyville Church of the Brethren - Batavia, Iowa photo

Address: 109 2nd St,
Beaver, Iowa, United States 50031

Service Times:
Add Beaver Church of the Brethren - Beaver, Iowa photo

Address: 5200 Northland Ave NE,
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States 52402-6223

Service Times:
Add First Baptist/Brethren - Cedar Rapids, Iowa photo

Address: 2605 Avenue E,
Council Bluffs, Iowa, United States 51501-2131

Service Times:
Add Peace Church of the Brethren - Council Bluffs, Iowa photo

Address: 1207 Ash Ave,
Dallas Center, Iowa, United States 50063

Service Times:
Add Dallas Center Church of the Brethren - Dallas Center, Iowa photo

Address: 4100 6th Ave,
Des Moines, Iowa, United States 50313-3433

Service Times:
Add Stover Memorial Church of the Brethren - Des Moines, Iowa photo

Address: 300 Southeast Ave,
Fredericksburg, Iowa, United States 50630

Service Times:
Add Hillcrest Baptist & Brethren Church - Fredericksburg, Iowa photo

Address: 105 N High St,
Greene, Iowa, United States 50636

Service Times:
Add Greene Church of the Brethren - Greene, Iowa photo

Address: 25056 E Ave,
Grundy Center, Iowa, United States 50638-8761

Service Times:
Add Ivester Church of the Brethren - Grundy Center, Iowa photo

Address: 4 miles North of Lenox,
Lenox, Iowa, United States 50851

Service Times:
Add Salem Church of the Brethren - Lenox, Iowa photo

Address: 2013 Wallace Ave,
Marshalltown, Iowa, United States 50158-9040

Service Times:
Add Iowa River Church of the Brethren - Marshalltown, Iowa photo

Address: 1210 W Williams St,
Ottumwa, Iowa, United States 52501-4946

Service Times:
Add Ottumwa Church of the Brethren - Ottumwa, Iowa photo

Address: 2946 200th Rd,
Panora, Iowa, United States 50216

Service Times:
Add Panora Church of the Brethren - Panora, Iowa photo


Address: 12015 Highway S 6G,
Prairie City, Iowa, United States 50228

Service Times:
Add Prairie City Church of the Brethren - Prairie City, Iowa photo

Address: 365 S 2nd St,
Robins, Iowa, United States 52328-9753

Service Times:
Add Robins Church of the Brethren - Robins, Iowa photo

Address: 3011 Marsh Ave,
Sheldon, Iowa, United States 51201

Service Times:
Add Sheldon Church of the Brethren - Sheldon, Iowa photo

Address: 921 28th St,
Sioux City, Iowa, United States 51104-3612

Service Times:
Add Living Peace Church of the Brethren - Sioux City, Iowa photo

Address: 29252 137th St,
South English, Iowa, United States 52335-8548

Service Times:
Add English River Church of the Brethren - South English, Iowa photo

Address: 105 W. Ohio St,
Toledo, Iowa, United States 52342

Service Times:
Add Toledo Church of the Brethren - Toledo, Iowa photo

Address: 18140 Highway T61,
Unionville, Iowa, United States 52594

Service Times:
Add Fairview Church of the Brethren - Unionville, Iowa photo


Address: 1604 Hammond Ave,
Waterloo, Iowa, United States 50702-3416

Service Times:
Add Hammond Avenue Brethren Church - Waterloo, Iowa photo

Address: 6227 Kimball Ave,
Waterloo, Iowa, United States 50701-9261

Service Times:
Add South Waterloo Church of the Brethren - Waterloo, Iowa photo

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