Foursquare Church in Oregon near me

There are 108 Foursquare Church churches listed with in Oregon, United States.

Most Foursquare Church churches are listed in Portland (11 churches) , Eugene (7 churches) and Salem (6 churches). Beaverton, Albany and Medford also have quite a number of Foursquare Church churches listed (4, 2 and 2 churches respectively).

All Foursquare Church in Oregon

Address: 31121 Se Eagle Cliff Ln,
Eagle Creek, Oregon, United States 97022-8619

Senior Pastor: Brendan Flohr

Service Times:
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Address: 24833 Horn Rd,
Elmira, Oregon, United States 97437-9761

Senior Pastor: Paul Gangle

Service Times:
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Address: 95 Centennial Loop,
Eugene, Oregon, United States 97401-7908

Senior Pastor: Tim Johnson

Service Times:
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Address: 1410 W 13th Ave,
Eugene, Oregon, United States 97402-3958

Senior Pastor: Steve Overman

Service Times:
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Address: 151 River Ave,
Eugene, Oregon, United States 97404-2545

Senior Pastor: Mike Lawrence

Service Times:
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Address: 86397 Eldon Schafer Dr,
Eugene, Oregon, United States 97405-8648

Senior Pastor: Dusty Johnson

Service Times:

Address: 160 E Broadway,
Eugene, Oregon, United States 97401-3140

Senior Pastor: Joel Skinner

Service Times:
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Address: 1171 Fairfield Ave,
Eugene, Oregon, United States 97402-2026

Senior Pastor: Eric Green

Service Times:

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Address: 5305 Royal Ave/prairie Mountain School,
Eugene, Oregon, United States 97402-9313

Senior Pastor: Brooks Rice

Service Times:
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Address: 1624 Highway 101,
Florence, Oregon, United States 97439-9602

Senior Pastor: George Pagel

Service Times:
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Address: 1719 Cedar St,
Forest Grove, Oregon, United States 97116-2433

Senior Pastor: Steve Mann

Service Times:
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Address: 450 Sw J St,
Grants Pass, Oregon, United States 97526-2839

Senior Pastor: Rick Gilmore

Service Times:
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Address: 539 N Main Ave,
Gresham, Oregon, United States 97030-7235

Senior Pastor: Thomas Norton

Service Times:
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Gresham, Oregon, United States 97030-0168

Senior Pastor: Jason Albelo

Service Times:

Address: 298 E Gladys Ave,
Hermiston, Oregon, United States 97838-1828

Senior Pastor: Michael Angel

Service Times:
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Address: 4400 Nw Glencoe Rd,
Hillsboro, Oregon, United States 97124-8235

Senior Pastor: Jared Roth

Service Times:
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Address: 3875 Barrett Dr,
Hood River, Oregon, United States 97031-7728

Senior Pastor: Adrian Torrescano

Service Times:
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Address: 437 D St,
Independence, Oregon, United States 97351-1927

Senior Pastor: Larry Gratreak

Service Times:
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Address: 48 E 18th Ave,
Junction City, Oregon, United States 97448-9656

Senior Pastor: Gordon Johnson

Service Times:


Address: 930 Chemawa Rd Ne,
Keizer, Oregon, United States 97303-3716

Senior Pastor: Tom Fox

Service Times:
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Address: 6100 Church Hill Dr,
Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States 97603-4154

Senior Pastor: Scott Hines

Service Times:
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Address: 10300 S D St,
La Grande, Oregon, United States 97850-9486

Senior Pastor: David Eddy

Service Times:
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Address: 52340 Huntington Rd,
La Pine, Oregon, United States 97739-9809

Senior Pastor: Jillian Jeppsen

Service Times: Sunday Service at 10am

Address: 324 N M St,
Lakeview, Oregon, United States 97630-1241

Senior Pastor: Kirk Quinlivan

Service Times:
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