Roman Catholic Churches in Queensland near me

There are 264 Roman Catholic churches listed with in Queensland, Australia.

Most Roman Catholic churches are listed in Toowoomba (5 churches) , Mackay (3 churches) and North Rockhampton (3 churches). Rockhampton, South Brisbane and Sarina also have quite a number of Roman Catholic churches listed (2, 2 and 2 churches respectively).

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All RC churches in Queensland

Address: 350 Mortimer Road,
Acacia Ridge, Queensland, Australia 4110

Parish Priest: Rev Teri Nueva

Mass Times: Sunday Sunday: 9:00am Weekday Note:
Add Our Lady of Fatima Church - Acacia Ridge, Queensland photo

Address: St Anthony's Drive,
Alexandra Hills, Queensland, Australia 4161

Parish Priest: Very Rev Emmanuel Aguiyi

Mass Times: Sunday Saturday: 5:00pm (Vigil Mass)
Add St Anthony's Church - Alexandra Hills, Queensland photo

Address: 16 Philomene Drive,
Ashgrove West, Queensland, Australia 4060

Parish Priest: Rev Vu Dinh Tuong

Mass Times: Sunday Saturday: 5:30pm (Vigil Mass)
Add Mater Dei Church - Ashgrove West, Queensland photo

Address: St Augustine's Drive,
Augustine Heights, Queensland, Australia 4300

Parish Priest: Rev Mauro Conte

Mass Times: Sunday Saturday: 6:00pm Sunday: 9:00am, 6:30pm
Add Augustine Centre - Augustine Heights, Queensland photo

Address: Corner of Willow and Elm Streets,
Barcaldine, Queensland, Australia 4725

Administrator: Father Robert Hollow

Mass Times: 1st and 3rd Sunday: Saturday Vigil Mass 6:00pm 2nd

Address: 38 See St,
Bargara, Queensland, Australia 4670

Parish Priest: Fr John Daly

Mass Times: Sunday: 7 am

Address: 24 Rogers Street,
Beachmere, Queensland, Australia 4510

Parish Priest: Rev Wrex Woolnough

Mass Times: Sunday Sunday: 8:30am
Add St Joseph's Chapel - Beachmere, Queensland photo

Address: Windabout Road,
Beechmont, Queensland, Australia 4211

Parish Priest: Rev Isidore Enyinnaya

Mass Times: Sunday Sunday: 10:00am (2nd)
Add St John's Church - Beechmont, Queensland photo

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