United Methodist Churches in Nebraska near me

There are 382 United Methodist Church churches listed with JoinMyChurch.com in Nebraska, United States.

Most United Methodist Church churches are listed in Lincoln (23 churches) , Omaha (22 churches) and Scottsbluff (4 churches). Kearney, Gering and Wilcox also have quite a number of United Methodist Church churches listed (4, 3 and 3 churches respectively).

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Address: 502 Colorado Street,
Culbertson, Nebraska, United States 69024

Pastor: Alisa Parde

Service Times: Sundays at Trinity Worship @ 9am Coffee

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All United Methodist Churches in Nebraska

Address: 405 7th Street 7th And Ash Streets,
Adams, Nebraska, United States 68301

Pastor: Robert N Clark

Service Times: Sunday 9:15 am Worship Sunday 10:30 am Sunday
Add Adams First United Methodist Church - Adams, Nebraska photo

Address: 605 W Marengo Street,
Albion, Nebraska, United States 68620

Pastor: Lawrence (Larry) E Barbary

Service Times:

Address: 202 W Pine St,
Alda, Nebraska, United States 68810

Pastor: Philip C Sloat

Service Times:
Add Alda United Methodist Church - Alda, Nebraska photo

Address: 402 Summit Dr,
Allen, Nebraska, United States 68710 0000

Add United Methodist Church - Allen, Nebraska photo

Address: 704 Box Butte Ave,
Alliance, Nebraska, United States 69301

Pastor: Thomas Lucas

Service Times:
Add Lakeside United Methodist Church - Alliance, Nebraska photo

Address: 205 Harrison Street,
Alvo, Nebraska, United States 68304

Pastor: Doyle D Burbank-Williams

Service Times: Sunday 9:00 am Worship
Add Alvo United Methodist Church - Alvo, Nebraska photo

Address: 47872 Iowa Road,
Amelia, Nebraska, United States 68711

Service Times:
Add Amelia United Methodist Church - Amelia, Nebraska photo

Address: Cherry & Monroe Ave,
Amherst, Nebraska, United States 68812

Pastor: Bonnie Brock

Service Times: Sunday 9:30 am Sunday School
Add Amherst United Methodist Church - Amherst, Nebraska photo

Address: 114 North Dorr,
Anselmo, Nebraska, United States 68813

Pastor: Bill Williams

Service Times:
Add The United Methodist Church of Anselmo - Anselmo, Nebraska photo

Address: 602 Keene Street,
Ansley, Nebraska, United States 68814

Pastor: Jim Koontz

Service Times:
Add Ansley United Methodist Church - Ansley, Nebraska photo

Address: 1999 7th Rd,
Archer, Nebraska, United States 68816

Pastor: Janet M Burgel

Service Times:
Add Zion United Methodist Church - Archer, Nebraska photo

Address: 403 N Walnut St,
Arnold, Nebraska, United States 69120

Pastor: Bill Williams

Service Times:

Address: 210 South Williams Street,
Atkinson, Nebraska, United States 68713

Pastor: Glenn Hubbard

Service Times:
Add Atkinson United Methodist Church - Atkinson, Nebraska photo


Address: 1104 A St,
Aurora, Nebraska, United States 68818-2911

Add United Methodist Church - Aurora, Nebraska photo

Address: Main Street,
Bartlett, Nebraska, United States 68622

Pastor: Alison Rock

Service Times:
Add Bartlett United Methodist Church - Bartlett, Nebraska photo

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