United Pentecostal Church International Church in New Brunswick near me

There are 54 United Pentecostal Church International churches listed with JoinMyChurch.com in New Brunswick, Canada.

Most United Pentecostal Church International churches are listed in Miramichi (3 churches) , Saint John (2 churches) and Kouchibouguac (1 church). Temperance Vale, Nasonworth and Noonan also have quite a number of United Pentecostal Church International churches listed (1, 1 and 1 church respectively).

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All UPCI churches in New Brunswick

Address: 280 Main St,
Bath, New Brunswick, Canada E7J 1H2

Pastor: Joseph Hopkins

Service Times:
Add Bath United Pentecostal Church - Bath, New Brunswick photo


Address: 1965 Sunset Dr,
Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada E2A 7K6

Pastor: Daniel Desroches

Service Times:
Add Family Pentecostal Church - Bathurst, New Brunswick photo

Address: 253 Main St,
Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick, Canada E5H 1B3

Pastor: Darren Munn

Service Times:
Add Pentecostal Lighthouse Of Blacks Harbour - Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick photo

Address: 8 Bartholomew Road S,
Blackville, New Brunswick, Canada E9B 1M8

Pastor: John Beach

Service Times:
Add New Life United Pentecostal Church - Blackville, New Brunswick photo

Address: 150 Curtis Rd,
Bristol, New Brunswick, Canada E7L 2H6

Pastor: Kent MacKay

Service Times:
Add Upper Kent United Pentecostal Church - Bristol, New Brunswick photo

Address: 198 Roseberry Street,
Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada E3N 2H3

Pastor: Michael Noel

Service Times:
Add Life Church - Campbellton, New Brunswick photo

Address: 2930 Rt 560 Williamstown Rd,
Centreville, New Brunswick, Canada E7K 3H5

Pastor: Kevin Miner

Service Times:
Add Truth Temple Inc - Centreville, New Brunswick photo

Address: 329 Main St,
Chipman, New Brunswick, Canada E4A 2M8

Pastor: Stanley O'Donnell

Service Times:
Add United Pentecostal Church - Chipman, New Brunswick photo

Address: 619 Victoria St,
Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Canada E8C 2V6

Pastor: Gordon Noel

Service Times:
Add New Life United Pentecostal Church - Dalhousie, New Brunswick photo

Address: 71 Downing Street,
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada E3A 5G8

Pastor: Raymond Woodward, John Leaman

Service Times:
Add Capital Community Church - Fredericton, New Brunswick photo

Address: 4 Lavina Rd,
Geary, New Brunswick, Canada E2V 3X4

Pastor: Mark Noel

Service Times:
Add Geary United Pentecostal Church - Geary, New Brunswick photo

Address: 29 Days Coner Rd,
Grandbay, New Brunswick, Canada E5K 3G3

Pastor: Keith Mitton

Service Times:
Add River Valley United Pentecostal Church - Grandbay, New Brunswick photo

Address: 958 Route 118,
Gray Rapids, New Brunswick, Canada E9B 1E4

Pastor: C Russell

Service Times:
Add United Pentecostal Church - Gray Rapids, New Brunswick photo

Harvey Station, New Brunswick, Canada E6K 3W9

Pastor: ",

Service Times:
Add Harvey United Pentecostal Church - Harvey Station, New Brunswick photo

Address: 2129 Route 124,
Hatfield Point, New Brunswick, Canada E5T 2S4

Pastor: Dwight Cole

Service Times:
Add Outreach Pentecostal Church - Hatfield Point, New Brunswick photo

Address: 65 Dawson Settlement Rd,
Hillsborough, New Brunswick, Canada E4H 4N7

Pastor: Donald Arbeau

Service Times:
Add New Life Pentecostal Church - Hillsborough, New Brunswick photo

Address: 376 Holtville Rd,
Holtville, New Brunswick, Canada E6A 2A2

Pastor: H. Landon Decker

Service Times:
Add Miramichis First Pentecostal Church Of Holtville - Holtville, New Brunswick photo

Address: 7 Boyne Rd,
Hoyt, New Brunswick, Canada E5L 2B7

Pastor: George Howe

Service Times:
Add Calvary Pentecostal Lighthouse Inc - Hoyt, New Brunswick photo

Address: 7661 Route 112,
Hunters Home, New Brunswick, Canada E4C 4J5

Pastor: ",

Service Times:
Add Canaan Spirit Of Freedom Pentecostal Church - Hunters Home, New Brunswick photo

Address: 37 Juniper Rd,
Juniper, New Brunswick, Canada E7L 1G5

Pastor: Everett Munn

Service Times:
Add Juniper United Pentecostal Church - Juniper, New Brunswick photo

Address: 718 Tweedie Brook Rd,
Kouchibouguac, New Brunswick, Canada E4X 1N1

Pastor: Matthew Johnson

Service Times:
Add United Pentecostal Church - Kouchibouguac, New Brunswick photo

Address: 84 Harvey Road,
Mcadam, New Brunswick, Canada E6J 1A6

Pastor: Stephen Tompkins

Service Times:
Add Voice Of Pentecost Church Inc - Mcadam, New Brunswick photo

Address: 3898 Route 104,
Millville, New Brunswick, Canada E6E 1S7

Pastor: Trevor McGuire

Service Times:
Add United Pentecostal Church - Millville, New Brunswick photo

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