How to find your accurate map reference

  • Go to (the page opens in a new browser window)
  • Use the scroll and zoom tools to EXACTLY locate your church on the map (zoom in close for best accuracy).
  • RIGHT CLICK your church's exact location on the map and choose "What's Here" from the list of options that appears
  • A grey circle will now be displayed on the map:
    What location mark looks like
  • And if you look at the bottom of the page, you'll see a box with the address and coordinates:
    Place location box on the Google map
  • Now click on the coordinates and the same coordinates will appear in the top left corner of the page:
    Geographic coordinates in two formats
  • You need the second line, which looks like 35.281822, -86.376703 and this can be copied and pasted into your Church Portal Dashboard
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