Minute Meditations


  • If we're still breathing, God is giving us the time we need to truly be given over to him
  • Loving fidelity is the healing response to thoughtless infidelity. Loving forgiveness is the cure for heartless rejection
  • Every time a thousand people close the door to God, the Spirit opens three thousand windows to Christ. The Son of God every day tirelessly knocks at the doors of millions of hearts
  • Our faith is a gift from a living and loving God who lavishly tries to reach us and does so with persistent fidelity. It is a celebration of a God of love who tries all kinds of ways to touch us.
  • Fidelity is the practical expression of love. Fidelity is a love that is supported by loyalty and courage. It is keeping your promises to God, family and country.
  • Our prayer is our life. If our lives are faith-filled, they are prayer. If our prayer is genuine, our life is faith-filled. This communion is the way of life for all who love
  • We need to have faith in the power of Jesus over death. Life and death are in God's loving hands
  • We need to have faith in ourselves. When God looks at us he sees all the promise and talents he has given us. If only we could see ourselves as our heavenly Father does!
  • We are more than we appear. We see our sins; God sees our Spirit. We need to have faith in ourselves as God's creation.
  • In baptism and confirmation you were given many graces. Faith is a huge one, but you have to activate it and use it, or it grows weak for lack of exercise.
  • My faith may get a little tattered and ragged at the edges, but then he touches me ever so gently and with faith aglow and joy in my soul - gently I take up my cross and continue on my way
  • Ask the Lord to increase your faith in God, who knows your every need and desires to provide for you—sometimes even beyond your understanding or expectation.
  • Dear Lord, as long as you are with me in the Where, the How and the Who of my life, I have faith that I will find my way home to You. For You are both my path and my compass
  • Wherever we go we have the company of people whose lives showed the truth of God's Word. Christians who died in the faith became part of that illustrious company.
  • In the sacraments Christ guarantees his presence. This doesn't depend on feelings; it depends on faith. On each step of our journey, he meets us with the needs we have
  • Isn't it wonderful that the prayer we all offer before receiving the body and blood of Christ comes from a non-believer? In his humility, the Roman centurion insists that Jesus can cure his servant without even traveling to his bedside. This man's faith amazes Jesus and frees him to fulfil it
  • Is the house of your life resting on a firm foundation? Or might it be slipping onto the sand of good intentions? It isn't saying "Lord, Lord," but doing what the Lord says that prepares our hearts to be his dwelling place.
  • When Mary received a shocking invitation to mother the Messiah, she wisely inquired how a virgin could bear a child. In faith, she accepted the assurance that nothing is impossible with God. Conceived without sin, Mary, like the Son of God himself, always said yes to God
  • We invite our God to water the seeds of faith within us, because God turns barren ground to fertile purposes, giving life where there was only a wasteland.
  • Trials, temptations, spiritual dryness and suffering are all opportunities for our faith to grow stronger. We can, of course, neglect these opportunities and allow our faith to wither and die. But those who praise God in life's difficulties will experience the opposite effect.
  • Faithfulness to God will ultimately bring perfect bliss but not in this fallen world. Here even the holiest men and women suffer from the crimes of others, as did Christ on the cross.
  • The virtue of faith can sustain us through life's greatest trials. By keeping faith in God's victory over sin and death, we can more peacefully endure personal tragedies
Doing good and healing all
Quote of the Day
Proverbs 10:8

The wise in heart will receive commandments: but a prating fool shall fall.

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