Minute Meditations

Love of Jesus

  • You are to love with the same kind of love that Jesus gave us on the crosss, which is total unconditional love. Though we are incapable of this kind of love, we must strive to match His sacrifice
  • Jesus has come to transform people, not to exclude them. He has come for the seeming losers, and not to create a country club for the supposed winners
  • Jesus wants us to love Him, but also wants us to experience a personal, intimate, conscious relationship of love with each other.
  • In Jesus is strength of mind, joy of spirit, height of virtue, full perfection of all holiness. And there is no help for the soul or hope of everlasting life save through the love of Jesus
  • Lord, help us to remember the pearl of great price your death on the cross has won for us, and help us to always be true to you
  • The Eucharist is a renewal of the new covenant, established by Jesus and sealed with the shedding of his blood (the “blood of the new covenant”)
  • The Eucharist itself is a renewal of the covenant between God and humanity that draws those who partake of it into the insistent love of Christ and “sets them aflame.”
  • We need a God who we can relate to at the human level. That is the gift of Jesus, a God come to earth in our form
  • Jesus is God drawn close to our wounded humanity, so close that he takes it upon himself - not merely in some general way but in a way that encompasses each and every one of us
  • Help me to see the face of Your Son in the least of us, even when it is difficult
  • Hitting people over the head with the words of truth will not convert them. Jesus is love, and He desires that we become good disciples and follow His example
  • Remember that the truth is a person - Jesus. Our goal is to draw closer and closer to Him. Then when we speak, by the power of His Spirit and by our love for Him, we can convey the love God has for those who are confused or lost.
  • To love Jesus as He commands is to give of ourselves to please Him without conditions
  • The call to love can’t be answered by loving a project, or your work, or even a community from a general perspective. It needs to be answered through your love for Jesus
  • Remember, Jesus loves you. If you were the only person on the face of the earth, you are so infinitely precious that He would have died for you alone!
  • The very things that we are most ashamed of are the things that lead us to Jesus. That He loves me in my weakness is what makes me marvel at the nature of His love
  • The victor will not be the one who relies on his own power but the one who entrusts himself completely to the love of Jesus Christ and who accepts His tender pity
  • I understand that love of Jesus comprises all vocations, that love of Jesus is everything, that it embraces all times and places - in a word, that it is eternal!
  • We need grace to love Jesus the way he deserves to be loved. This grace comes into our hearts when we ask Jesus to share his heart with us
  • The heart centered in Jesus loves without counting the cost; it loves like God. Jesus comes to us to set our hearts free, to enkindle in us the fire of love
  • The house of love is not simply a place in the afterlife, a place in heaven beyond this world. Jesus offers us this house right in the midst of our anxious world
  • We are not the sum of our weaknesses and failures; we are the sum of the Father's love for us and our real capacity to become the image of his Son
  • What does it matter to you whether Jesus wishes to guide you to Heaven by way of the desert or by the fields, so long as you get there by one way or the other?
  • The foundation belief of Christianity is that God became flesh and lived among us. Christians believe that they have seen the face of love in the person of Jesus Christ
  • Everybody thinks they want to be special, but the moment when someone finds out how special he or she really is, is usually the moment that they discover Christ.
  • The name of Jesus is the glory of preachers, because the shining splendor of that name causes his word to be proclaimed and heard.
  • When God made man and earth, He gave us a paradise in which to live, which we then made a mess of. Only the sacrifice and love of Jesus will put us once more on the road to paradise.
  • We do not love Jesus specifically because of what we obtain or hope to obtain from Him; but we love Him because He is worthy of our love
  • Christ reserved His best, His most powerful and most effective gift, for the end: the gift of Himself!
  • Lord, I pray not for wealth, I pray not for honors, I pray not for pleasures, or even the joys of poetry. I only pray that during all my life, I may have pure love to love Thee.
  • O Lord Jesus, send your love deep down into my heart. Gather together the soil of my heart, the sands of my fickleness, the mud of my desires. Bind them all together and interlace them with thy strong roots, entwine them with the network of thy love
  • Sweet Jesus, make us pure and gentle and teach us how to do Your will, to follow Your dear footsteps, and when we fall, to love us still.
  • O Blessed Jesus, son of God, bond of love which unites us to everlasting life, safe port from our fears and weaknesses, we will never abandon you
  • When I conjour up an image of a real man, it is not someone who is massively muscular and well-groomed; it is a man who is bloody and weak on a cross
  • The love of Jesus Christ affects all our relationships with friends and family members and also our relationships with people whom we will never meet
  • If Jesus had a favorite self-image, it was most likely the Good Shepherd. Even if 99 of his 100 sheep were fine, he would still head out to track down the wanderer. Like his Father, he does not want to lose a single 'little one.'
No greater love
Quote of the Day
Ephesians 4:32

And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.

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