Minute Meditations

Power of Prayer

  • If you want to know who you are and why you’re here, start praying every day
  • We do not need to feel helpless when the world overwhelms us, since we do not pray alone
  • The practice of prayer develops into a habit, and out of this habitual prayer God forms in us and with us the Christian virtues, especially humility and courage
  • When we get frustrated with people who will not listen, we have to consider what Jesus would do - pray, and trust in its power to change what we cannot!
  • Prayer is a means to rise to God, but not an end. The final purpose of prayer is the love of God and one’s neighbor
  • Daily prayer is for those who have nothing better to do, which means all of us
  • Prayer helps us draw on God’s strength so that we do not enter spiritual conflict relying on ourselves
  • Our time of prayer enables us to put on the mind and heart of Jesus so that we learn to recognize him in the faces and activities of our day.
  • We do not have to spend hours on our knees every day. We simply have to offer our lives as instruments of God
  • How we pray is not as important as why we pray and THAT we pray
  • It is God's most earnest wish that we should come to Him through regular prayer."
  • God's goodness has decreed that anyone who holds His Son in due reverence will never be snatched or devoured by the infernal demon
  • Jesus is the way that leads to God, and that devotion for Him takes nothing away from intimacy with God. Indeed, it increases it and leads to the highest levels of perfection.
  • Some people do not like to take the medicine that would heal them, and call it nonsense. Prayer is exactly that medicine which cures an amazing deal of nonsense.
  • Your prayer for someone who is living does not guarantee that he or she will accept God's grace, but it makes you an obvious beacon of God's love for that individual. Perhaps that is precisely what God is counting on.
  • Never let yourself forget the great change that prayer makes in your life, and let that change shine through in everything you do
Matt 7.7
Quote of the Day
Psalms 24:1

...The earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

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