Minute Meditations


  • Jesus reminds us that because we are all related to him we are, therefore, all related to one another
  • If the relationship is based on lust, purity will end it. But if the relationship is based on love, purity will save it
  • The greatest need of your children is to experience the love of their parents for each other
  • Being needed is more important than being noticed. Value the time you have in your “hidden life,” regardless of whether or not your family notices your sacrifices.
  • We are immersed in relationships and if we desire to follow the path of Jesus, we have to develop the capacity to see God in ourselves and others - all others, at all times.
  • Know for certain that death does not end our relationships with all those we love. As good Christians, we will go on loving each other beyond time and into eternity.
  • Each man and woman must look within themselves to see whether those whom God entrusted as a brother or sister in humanity have not become in their hearts objects of adultery
John 3.16
Quote of the Day
Psalms 27:7

Hear, O LORD, when I cry with my voice: have mercy also upon me, and answer me.

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