Minute Meditations


  • Being conscious of our weakness, frailty, and vulnerability allows us to reach out to God in prayer, to express our love for him through sacrifice, and to spend ourselves for others in love
  • God showed how much true sacrifice means to Him by coming to share it by the power of the crucified and risen Jesus, the sign of His Father's tender concern
  • Lord Jesus, help us to love all our brothers and sisters for love of you, to serve them for love of you, and if it be your holy will, to stand ready to die for them for love of you. Amen
  • Our children do require great sacrifices, but our sacrifices are opportunities to be moulded into the image of Jesus
  • The righteousness God requires of human beings is summarized in the dual concept of love of God and love of neighbor. It is love of neighbor, then, that should motivate those who hunger for righteousness to sacrifice on behalf of those who hunger for bread.
  • Jesus is the only name
Quote of the Day
Proverbs 15:23

"A man finds joy in giving an apt reply--and how good is a timely word!."

Parenting Without Regret
Parenting Without Regret
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Finding God's Purpose for Your Money
Passion & Purpose: Believing The Church Can Still Change The World by Jimmy Seibert, Max Lucado endorsement
Passion & Purpose by Jimmy Seibert
Our God Comes AntiochLIVE Worship
Our God Comes

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