Here's where you create a memoriam for your loved one. There are just four easy steps, which we'll take you through one-by-one. At the end, you will get a chance to see your Memoriam and make any changes.

The First Step ... Personal Details

These details are to create a summary at the top of your Memoriam Page.
You can click the 'Update' button at any time to save current additions or changes
  • If the year of death was prior to 1930, please choose any year then contact us with the details and we'll amend the date manually

  • Typically, this would be something like - "Loving wife Ethel, daughters Janice and Sue and son Dave.

  • (Max. 250 characters) ....  characters left.

    You can include anything you want about his or her character or life. (Maximum length 250 characters)


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