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Jack Boersma

In Remembrance 3
16 May 2018 56 He was a very loving, kind hearted person, patient. I loved his pretty smi... more
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Donald Smith

Donald Smith photo
3 Jan 2016 85 Gave up a shot at major league baseball to help his mom and siblings when h... more
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Perry Cox

Perry Cox photo
10 Jan 2018 44 Loving father... more
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Bruce Young

Bruce Young photo
2 Jul 2017 50 You truly loved life, but suffered so much in the end.Your beautiful smile ... more
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In Remembrance11
27 Oct 2017 OUR MUTZI COM... more
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andrew mccaffrey

In Remembrance 1
28 Oct 2017 69 Andrew went to Our lady of Walsingham school lived in lunt avenue netherto... more
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Marie Elizabeth Toussaint

In Remembrance15
12 Oct 1959 60 My Mother was a very special individual, she had her own business at 19. S... more
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Ivy Blanche Blackmore

In Remembrance 3
6 May 1979 72 Aunty Ivy lived in Straightsmouth, SE10 She was a well loved lady who would... more
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Thomas C. Hyde

In Remembrance 2
3 Dec 1930 56 Thomas was born in Grenagh on May 19, 1867. We believe he was baptized and... more
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Stanley Jennings

In Remembrance 6
7 Sep 2017 89 Stan loved his job and his garden. He spent most of his time in the yard en... more
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