Churches in Victoria

There are 1243 churches in 45 denominations listed with in Victoria.

The most popular denominations in Victoria are Baptist (280 churches), Christian Church (269 churches) and Church of Christ (141 churches).

There are also Presbyterian Church, Lutheran Church and Orthodox Church churches in Victoria.

Recently Updated Church Listings in Victoria


Address: 1 Oldstead Rd,
Greensborough, Victoria, Australia 3088

Pastor: Rev Tim Stringer

Service Times: Worship every Sunday at 10.00am Calvary

Denomination: Lutheran Church

Address: Meets Sundays in house church, 68 Boonderabbi Drive,
Clifton Springs, Victoria, Australia 3222

Senior Pastor: Rev. David Evans

Service Times: Sunday 10 am Worship & Celebration

Denomination: Independent Charismatic

Address: 86 Conness St,
Chiltern, Victoria, Australia 3683

Leader: Greg Crossman

Service Times: Sunday 10.00am Tuesday 7.30pm Meets at

Denomination: Christian Church

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All Churches in Victoria

Address: 60 Ballarat Rd,
North Geelong, Victoria, Australia 3215

Rev Lester Priebbenow: Pastor

Service Times: North Geelong: Worship weekly. Holy Communion

Denomination: Lutheran Church


Address: 7 Aberdeen St,
Newtown, Victoria, Australia 3220

Pastor: Frank Lowry

Service Times: We meet Sundays 10am - 11am. Just a

Denomination: Baptist

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Address: 5 Price St,
Essendon, Victoria, Australia 3040

Service Times: Weekly Worship Sundays 10am Join us for

Denomination: Baptist

Address: 6 Windsor Avenue,
Springvale, Victoria, Australia 3171

Service Times: Services: Sun 4pm Mandarin, Thur 7pm Bible

Denomination: Church of Christ
Add Abundant Grace Church of Christ - Springvale, Victoria photo

Address: 113-123 Mackenzie Street West,
Golden Square, Victoria, Australia 3555

Senior Pastors: Pastors Graeme and Thea Godenzi

Service Times: Sunday Meetings 10:00 am Worship Service

Denomination: Independent


Address: 4 Boonah Street,
Springvale, Victoria, Australia 3171

Senior Pastor: Tola Ten

Service Times: Sunday Afternoon 1:30pm

Denomination: Church of Christ

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Address: 2/82 Lewis Road,
Wantirna South, Victoria, Australia 3152

Service Times:

Denomination: Christian Church
Add Activate - Wantirna South, Victoria photo

Address: 392 High Street,
Bendigo, Victoria, Australia 3555

Service Times:

Denomination: Seventh-day Adventist Church
Add Adventcare Bendigo - Bendigo, Victoria photo

Address: 163-165 Central Road,
Nunawading, Victoria, Australia 3131

Service Times:

Denomination: Seventh-day Adventist Church
Add Adventcare Whitehorse - Nunawading, Victoria photo

Address: 5 Woods Point Road,
Warburton, Victoria, Australia 3799

Service Times:

Denomination: Seventh-day Adventist Church
Add Adventcare Yarra Ranges - Warburton, Victoria photo

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Address: 8 Louis St,,
Airport West, Victoria, Australia 3042

Service Times:

Denomination: Christian Church

Address: 115 Kerferd Rd,
Albert Park, Victoria, Australia 3206

Service Times:

Denomination: Baptist
Add Albert Park & Port Melbourne Baptist Church - Albert Park, Victoria photo

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Address: 115 Kerferd Road,
Middle Park, Victoria, Australia 3206

Senior Pastor: Cameron Healy

Service Times: Church Services Join us in person or online

Denomination: Baptist


Address: 14 Church Street, Greensborough,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3088

Vicar: Rev David Fuller

Service Times: CHRISTMAS 2015 SERVICES 24 December –

Denomination: Anglican Church


Address: 14 Sargood St,
Altona, Victoria, Australia 3018

Minister: Rev Andrew Arthurs

Service Times: Sunday Service - 10am Saturday Men's

Denomination: Baptist

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Address: 28 Trafalgar Avenue,
Altona Meadows, Victoria, Australia 3028

Pastor: Ps Stephen Holt

Service Times: We hold our Sunday services at 10:00am at

Denomination: Independent

Address: 62 Central Avenue,
Altona Meadows, Victoria, Australia VIC 3028

Minister: Rev. Susan Malthouse

Service Times: Sunday: 10:00am -Family Worship and Sunday

Denomination: Uniting Church in Australia

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Address: 19 Claret Ash Boulevard,
Melton West, Victoria, Australia 3337

Service Times:

Denomination: Christian Church

Address: 1985 Ballan Rd,
Anakie, Victoria, Australia 3221

Service Times: Sunday 11:00 (1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays)am

Denomination: Presbyterian Church
Add Anakie Presbyterian Church - Anakie, Victoria photo

Address: Uniting Church Building,
Murch Cres, Victoria, Australia 3230

Service Times: Our worship service is at 10.45am on Sundays

Denomination: Baptist

Address: Corner of Pleasant and Gyles Street,
Pascoe Vale, Victoria, Australia VIC 3044

Vicar: Revd. Dr. Randall Nolan

Service Times: Wednesday: 7:00 pm. Healing and Reconciliation

Denomination: Anglican Church

Address: 312 Deakin Ave,
Mildura, Victoria, Australia 3500

Priest: Parish is served by various Priests from Melbourne

Service Times:

Denomination: Orthodox Church

Address: 186 Victoria Parade,
East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3002

Head: Rev. Minas Dimitropoulos

Service Times:

Denomination: Orthodox Church

Address: 49 Nelson Street,
Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia 3233

Service Times:

Denomination: Christian Church
Add Apollo Bay - Apollo Bay, Victoria photo

Address: 33 - 37 William Street,
Lalor, Victoria, Australia 3075

Service Times:

Denomination: Christian Church
Add Arabic Assembly of God - Lalor, Victoria photo

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