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The mission of Bethel Reformed Church is to help believers grow in their faith in Jesus Christ and to experience His redemption power, sharing that message through God's Word and by being the hands and feet of Jesus in the greater community and in the church.

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Bethel Reformed Church
11632 110th St
Leota, MN 56153
United States
Phone: (507) 443-5991
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Rev. Reuben Sinnema
Rev. Reuben Sinnema
11632 110th St
Leota, MN 56153
United States
Phone: (507) 443-5991
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Romans 3:23

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;




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Rev. Reuben Sinnema   Edit
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I have been privileged to serve as pastor of Bethel Reformed church since June of 2018. My wife Val and I love Bethel, we love Leota, and we love worshiping in community with Ebenezer Christian Reformed Church. As pastor here I have a passion for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ—it is the power of God unto salvation! I also love what is called systematic Biblical exposition (preaching through books of the Bible verse by verse; chapter by chapter). My primary goal is to glorify our God by the faithful preaching of His inerrant Word. Come and join us on Sunday mornings! Leota has a wonderful community of believers who are hungry for God’s Word!   Edit
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PO Box 308
Leota, MN
56153-0308   Edit

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11632 110th St, Leota, MN
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Service Times

Sundays 9:30 a.m.

Sunday School
10:45 - 11:30 a.m.

Wednesday activities
​7-8 p.m.

Service Times last updated on the 10th of April, 2020
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History of the church

Bethel Reformed Church was organized on April 26, 1891 by request of twenty persons to Classis of Iowa (even though we are in Minnesota). Bethel Reformed is the oldest Reformed congregation in southwest Minnesota. The name Bethel, House of God, was selected before the church was built in 1891. Bethel has been home to seventeen pastors in its 126 year history. The current sanctuary was dedicated on June 22, 1997. Bethel Reformed Church consists of about one hundred believers led by a consistory of eight members.

We are seeking to grow in our faith in Jesus Christ and to experience His redemption power, ​sharing that message through God's Word and by being the hands and feet of Jesus
in the greater community and in the church.

"Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father."

History of Bethel Reformed Church

1891 - Church was organized in local school building.
1892 - First death: Will J. Kreun.
1892 - March 15, two and one-half acres purchased for cemetery.
1892 - Martin Kallemyn, E. DeGraff, & Frank Beckering measured land for church sight.
1892 - Decided to pay the summer student, J.P. Winters, $30.00 for summer services.
1893 - Communion table linens, silver communion and baptismal service were purchased.
1893 - First church building built.
1893 - First parsonage proposed.
1893 - Plans were made to plant ash trees around the church property. The trees are still existent.
1893 - July, the first minister called.
1894 - A letter of thanks was sent to E. DeKraii for a substantial money gift for this new congregation.
1894 - Mention was made that the church was helping needy familiers. Also money was sent to Hope College.
1894 - First mention of hiring a janitor. His main duty was to "keep the church warm."
1895 - Several persons left the church to join the newly organized Christian Reformed Church.
1895 - Rev. H.J. Pietenpol installed.
1895 - One acre of church ground was rented to raise potatoes. Balance of land was to be planted to grass.
1898 - There was serious concern about memebers joining secret societies.
1898 - Offering was received for Cuban Relief.
1899 - Young People's Catechism was held on Sunday evenings.
1901 - "Vrouwen Vereenging Zendings" - Women's Missionary Society organized.
1902 - Church became self supporting.
1902 - Several families left for Norman County.
1903 - Rev. H.P. Schuurmans installed.
1904 - Couldn't afford to send a delegate to classis.
1904 - Sunday School picnic. (first)
1905 - It cost $3.00 for a grave.
1905 - Young people were asked to go home immediately after evening services on weekdays as well as Sundays.
1905 - Church has to be heated to 70 degrees one-half hour before services.
1905 - Janitor was to keep lanterns lit in the horse barns in the evenings and to keep snow from doors of horse barns.
1907 - First asking for English services was emphatically turned down. (Then all services were in Dutch)
1907 - Rev. J.J. Hollebrands installed.
1907 - First mention of a missionary speaker.
1907 - A week of prayer was held at the beginning of the year.
1908 - Mission Band made a "name" quilt.
1908 - Telephone installed in the parsonage; taken out and later reinstalled.
1910 - Doxology was first sung by Mission Band for closing.
1910 - Rev. J.H. Te Grootenhuis installed.
1911 - A group left for Chandler Reformed Church.
1911 - Used the Christian Reformed Church for services. (in middle of building project)
1911 - Second church building built.
1911 - Mission Band sold souvenir spoons of new church. (Their is a sample in the Church's display cabinet)
1911 - Mr. Jensen gave $10.00 for the carpet. (Contractor who built the church)
1912 - Dedication of church on Jan. 30, 1912
1915 - During the vacancy of pastor, the parsonage was rented out for $6.05 per month
1916 - Rev. John Vander Schaaf installed.
1919 - Flu epidemic hit the area. People were asked to sit far apart during church services.
1922 - Rev. Bernard De Jong installed.
1925 - Rev. J. Vander Heide installed.
1926 - Church's 25th anniversary and burning of the mortgage.
1927 - It was left up to the discretion of the parents if the children should have English or Dutch catechism.
1933 - It was decided to have one English day time service per month. It was also decided to sing psalters instead of hymns.
1933 - Envelope system of giving initated.
1934 - Special prayer meeting held for rain.
1938 - Electricity came to Leota.
1941 - 50th anniversary of the church.
1941 - Flowers for the anniversary came from the garden of Albertus Koedam farm.
1941 - Basement dug out under overflow room.
1946 - Second parsonage built.
1946 - Rev. Gerrit Rientjes was installed.
1946 - Weekly bulletins begun.
1947 - Individual communion initiated.
1948 - Church reshingled, oil furnace installed, rubber matting put in aisles.
1948 - Bought a new piano for sanctuary.
1948 - New pulpit furniture purchased.
1948 - Gave pulpit furniture to Slayton Reformed Church.
1949 - Rev. John Vos installed.
1949 - Complete transition to English.
1949 - Accepted first share in support of the missionary.
1950 - New Moller organ installed.
1954 - Annex built (Educational wing).
1956 - Consistory memebers permitted to sit with families.
1956 - Triplets were born to Mr. & Mrs. Cornie Van't Hof.
1957 - Rev. Daniel Reeverts installed.
1958 - Last payment on the annex.
1960 - Youth sunrise services.
1960 - The Deagan Chimes were presented.
1962 - Christian Endeavor was called R.C.Y.F. (Reformed Church Youth Fellowship)
1962 - Purchased P.A. System.
1963 - Plans proposed to add lobby to south side to cover both entries was defeated.
1964 - Aisles and stage were carpeted.
1966 - 75th Anniversary of the church.
1966 - A new outside bulletin board presented.
1967 - Rev. Henry Bovendam installed.
1967 - Evening church services year around.
1968 - Telephone installed in church.
1968 - Old basement remodeled into Sunday school rooms.
1969 - Church merger with Southern Presbyterian turned down.
1970 - Catechism classes changed from Saturday afternoon to Wednesday evening.
1970 - RCYF Easter plays begun.
1971 - Fixtures installed to light the church steeple.
1972 - Remodeled walls of sanctuary with wood and vinyl paneling.
1972 - Consistory expressed opposition to the sale of beer in Leota.
1973 - Cal Hays Crusade, March 22-25.
1973 - Rev. Dean Meeter installed.
1973 - Pastor's study moved from parsonage to church.
1973 - Children's messages begun.
1973 - No heat in sanctuary from Monday noon to Saturday noon, to save fuel.
1974 - Amplifier with remote control installed.
1974 - Gift of $700.00 received to buy new consistory chairs.
1974 - New hymn books purchased.
1974 - RCYF and sponsors attended RCA Youth Gathering at Toronto, Ontario.
1976 - Joint Fourth of July services in the park.
1976 - Girls League purchased silver-service and punch bowl.
1977 - Proposed parsonage-garage addition; voted down.
1977 - RCYF went to Annville Institue, Annville, KY; on a work mission.
1977 - RCA Church Growth Gund drive. Minimum goal- $10,000, total pledged- $22,604.
1977 - Proposed narthex addition plus new pews and carpeting. Accepted well.
1978 - Consistory enlarged to 12
1978 - New furnace in parsonage, refrigerator.
1978 - Rev. Phil Somsen installed.
1978 - RCYF attended the first "Rocky Mountain High".
1978 - Architect's plans accepted and building permit graned by state.
1978 - Total cost of remodeling sanctuary, narthex, was $103,334.00
1979 - Purchased new pews for $11,768.00 Old pews sold for $1,240, original price $717.00
1979 - Parking lot blacktopped.
1979 - June 24 - Dedication service to be held asking for our Lord's acceptance of the work on our hands and this blessing on all who worship here at Bethel - "The House of God".
1979 - New brass communion set purchased.
1981 - Mrs. Charles Kreun reached her 100th birthday. She passed away soon after.
1981 - Brotherhood men went to Winnebago for wrok project.
1982 - Girls League disbanded.
1984 - Rev. Verlyn Boone installed.
1984 - Piano purchased by RCW. (Everett)
1984 - Entry and laundry room addition to the parsonage.
1985 - Men's chorus began.
1987 - Panasonic copier purchased.
1987 - Planted one row of evergreens north of parsonage.
1988 - New furnace for sanctuary.
1988 - Ladies bathroom remodeled.
1988 - Installed flourescent lights in annex.
1989 - Seventeen volunteers went to Macy for work project.
1989 - Christian symbols added to the Christmas tree.
1989 - Water heater for church installed.
1989 - Repair chimney on church.
1989 - Patio built on north side of parsonage.
1990 - Major organ repair, cost $6235 contract.
1990 - Rev. LeRoy Boender installed.
1990 - Women's chorus began.
1990 - Bell Choir (grades 5-8)
1990 - Replaced the front steps of the parsonage.
1990 - Purchased tape duplicator.
1990 - Church, annex and steeple painted - cost $4,463.88
1991 - Byran Kroontje, Matte Wiekeraad, and Mike Schaap served our country in the Persian Gulf "Desert Storm".
1991 - Fellowship hall carpeted.
1991 - New hymnal selected "The Hymnal for Worship and Celebration", Memorial Gift from the Landhuis family remembering their parents, Henry and Marie Landhuis.
1991 - 100th anniversary celebrated April 21-29.
1991 - VCR and TV purchased.
1992 - Centennial activities concluded on April 26, 1992.
1992 - Memorial Fund established.
1992 - RCYF Work project at Macy, Nebr.
1992 - June - Area hit by tornado - major damage.
1992 - Combined 4th of July worship service offering to go to Disaster Relief Fund
1992 - New copy machine purchased.
1993 - RCYF members attend Rocky Mountain High.
1993 - Combined 4th of July worship service offering to go to Nobles County Red Cross.
1994 - New washer and dryer purchased for the parsonage.
1994 - Consistory ruling that new members transferred in from other churches required to be members of our church a minimum of 3 years before being eligible as consistory members.
1994 - Digital piano purchased from Hartog Piano Co. for $2795.00. $2700.00 to be used from Memorial Fund.
1994 - May - Gift received from Kreun Estate in the amount of $654,183.63; of which 25% designated to Benevolent Fund and 75% designated to Building Fund. Kreun Estate Advisory Committee formed.
1994 - New dish washer purchased for parsonage.
1994 - Vissor Architects hired to conduct a feasiblitly study for church building and improvements.
1994 - Adult Work Project "Habitat for Humanity" at Des Moines, Ia.
1994 - Feasibility study committee appointed.
1995 - May - Building Committee of 11 people formed.
1995 - First Vacation Bible School held with Christian Reformed Church.
1995 - RCYF Work project at Lawton, Okla.
1995 - Sept. - Congregational meeting decides to build new sanctuary and fellowship hall. Vote passed by 72.3%.
1996 - March - Pastor LeRoy Boender accepts a call to Brandon, Wisc.
1996 - April - Congregation meeting to vote on updated building project cost of $673.475. Vote passed by 81.5%
Option 1 - Digitized switching system for organ at a cost of $18,100. Vote passed by 85.2%
Option 2 - Air conditioning at a cost of $11,300. Vote passed by 86.5%
1996 - April - The "moving process " begins with Church furnishing stored at various places.
1996 - April - Building Fund-raising Committee begins quarterly drives.
1996 - April 21 - Last service held at old church.
1996 - April 28 - AM services held at Christian Grade School gym, evening services combined with Ebenezer Christian Reformed Church during construction.
1996 - April 29 - Steeple and Bell tower taken down by Harlan Schuur.
1996 - June - Construction begins for new church facilites. Pastor LeRoy Boender gives his farewell.
1996 - August - Search Committee selected. Large beams put in place for church sanctuary.
1996 - Sunday School classes held at Christian Grade School, parsonage, and Fireside Room. Catechism classes held at parsonage and Fireside Room.
1996 - Dec. - Sunday School Christmas program held Christmas Eve at Ebenezer CRC. Many services were cancelled during the winter of '96-97 because of extreme weather conditions.
1996 - Stained glass overlaid windows to be purchased with funds from "Memorial Fund."
1997 - Volunteers contributed "many hours" in the finishing process of the fellowship hall and the basement educational rooms.
1997 - March - Upstairs bathroom in parsonage enlarged. New telephone system installed in church.
1997 - March 30 -Easter Sunday - First service in new church facilites.
1997 - April 6 - Evening service cancelled becauser of wind and snow.
1997 - June 22 - Dedication of new church facilities. "To God be The Glory".
1997 - October 16 - Rev. David Vander Leest installed.   Edit

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