Boyton Methodist Church
Boyton Cornwall

PL15 9RF

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Who we are

The church is a very welcoming with a congregation of up to 40 people of all ages.

The Junior Church meets in the chapel at 11 am

The young people in the Sunday School join the main congregation for the first part of the service and then leave for their own activities.

On the third Sunday of each month the congregation joins together for a family service. Please check Circuit Plan for details

Boyton Methodist Church is situated in the centre of the village about 6 miles from Launceston. The church building was built 113 years ago and is now modernised with disabled access.

The Church was refurbishedyears ago and is adapted for wheelchairs. The Church aims to care for the Church family and the community. This is done by way of Soup and Sweet/ Salad and Sweet lunches and is also used for various community activities:-

How to find us: Take the B3254 road from Launceston. Take the turn for Boyton at Ladycross, continuing on to Boyton for about 3 miles.


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Leader Name:
Rev. David Miller   Edit
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Minister   Edit
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Click here to contact Rev. David Miller   Edit


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Mrs R Allin   Edit
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Church Contact   Edit

Driving Directions to Boyton Methodist Church

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Boyton Cider Press Road, Boyton, Cornwall
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Travel/Direction Tips

Take the B3254 road from Launceston. Take the turn for Boyton at Ladycross, continuing on to Boyton for about 3 miles.   Edit

Boyton Methodist Church Service Times

All Church Services and events are currently cancelled due to the Corona Virus Pandemic’ however if you are interested in joining us on zoom, for services, prayer meetings, Bible Study and Coffee Mornings then please contact Revd Jo Smart:

[email protected]

Minister: Revd David Miller
Sunday Service at 11.00 am – please check Circuit Plan:

It's been more than 3 years since the last service times update. Please make sure to contact the church to confirm service times.

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The power of Christian prayer "Faith in a prayer-hearing God will make a prayer-loving Christian".
Andrew Murray
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