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Helpful Notes

Modesty Out of respect for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and of all our faithful, all those attending Mass must dress modestly. The proper dress code for Masses and church devotions is posted in the vestibule.

Religious Instruction and Catechism In Langley, Richard Moore teaches children after Mass, in view of First Communion. Garry Moore teaches online catechism new people to our parish. Fr. Rusak provides an online course to newcomers. Contact him for details. In Vernon and Nanaimo, Frs. DeLallo and Guéguen give parish catechism after Mass. Washrooms / Cry room / Seating Washrooms are located downstairs. There is one upstairs adjacent to the cry room for persons with mobility issues. The cry room is usually for nursing mothers with small children. Unruly children may be taken downstairs or outside. The back pews in the church are reserved for parents with small children who may need to exit quickly.

Restricted activities / Security / Parking Smoking is tolerated only outdoors. Cellphones need to be at least, in a mode which will not distract anyone from prayer. No audio, video recording, or photagrapy is allowed during Mass or on our property without the express permission of the priest celebrant. We have security cameras for the protection of vulnerable persons, children and property. Report any suspicious activity to the priest or to the usher. Parking is available in our parking lot or on the street. Please do not park on the lot of the businesses next door unless you are a patron of the same, since your car may be towed away.

Mass Intentions - Donations Mass intentions must be accepted by the priest and are not tax deductible. The regular offering or stipend is $25 per Mass. Collection donations in the church are made by cheque to "SSPX" or by cash. There are envelopes available at the door. Receipts are prepared at the end of the year. Donate online to the Sunday collection through Zeffy: https:/ Zeffy provides an immediate rec

Eucharistic Crusade for children April Intention: That the Church may triumph over her enemies.


Location of worship

Christ the King Church FSSPX
22630 48 Ave
Langley, BC V2Z 2T6
Phone: 1-604-533-3358
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Church Pastor

Father Gerard Rusak
Father Gerard Rusak
22630 48 Ave
Langley, BC V2Z 2T6
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Music of the Day

I hear Thy welcome voice

I hear Thy welcome voice
That calls me, Lord, to Thee,
For cleansing in Thy precious blood
That flowed on Calvary. ...


Roman Catholic



Society of St Pius X, SSPX
The SSPX is a hiearchical Society.
Our Superior General Father Pagliarani is in Switzerland.
Our Canadian District Superior Father Yves le Roux is based in Quebec.
SSPX Langley Mailing address: Christ the King Priory 22646 48 Ave, Langley BC V2Z 2T6
Prior, Fr. Gerard Rusak at: [email protected] / 604-533-3358 cell: 604-454-4563
SSPX Canada website:
4334 Jingle Pot Rd, Nanaimo: 250-644-8330
3016 37 St., Vernon 236-426-1191; or 250-503-8890
Mass in Vernon is almost always a 10 am on Sunday. Verify via one of the phone #s above.   Edit

Church Website


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Leader Name:
Father Gerard Rusak   Edit
Leader Position:
Prior   Edit
Formal Title:
Leader Address:
British Columbia
Leader Email:
Leader Bio:
Other Church Leaders:
Father Roger Guéguen, Father Stephen DeLallo   Edit

Leadership Photos


Admin Name:
Father Gerard Rusak   Edit
Admin Position:
Prior   Edit
Admin Address:
22646 48 Ave
British Columbia
V2Z 2T6   Edit
Admin Email:
Click here to contact Father Gerard Rusak   Edit

Mailing Address


Driving Directions to Christ the King Church FSSPX

A From:
B To:
22630 48 Ave, Langley, BC
Mode of Travel:

Travel/Direction Tips

Know how to get there? Share the knowledge with others!   Edit


In church parking lot or on the street.   Edit

Christ the King Church FSSPX Mass Times

Monthly Mass and Event Schedule (Langley)
April 2024

Our chapels in Nanaimo and Vernon publish their own bulletins. Times are also posted online and given upon request.

Mon 1 11 am
Tues 2 7:15 am
Wed 3 7:15 am
Thur 4 7:15 am

Fri 5 7 pm * 1ST FRIDAY
followed by Prayers of Reparation to the Sacred Heart and Benediction

Sat 6 8:00 am * 1ST SATURDAY
followed by Holy Hour of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary & OLPHD.

First Communion Recollection 9:15 am

Sun. 7 BF 9:30 am * First

Mon 8 7:00 pm
ANNUNCIATION OF THE B.V. MARY- Renewal Consecration

Tues 9 7:15 am
Requiem Mass for Deceased Members, Friends and Benefactors of the SSPX

Wed 10 7:15 am
Thur 11 7:15 am
Fri 12 7 pm *
Sat 13 8 am *
+ OLPHD, after Mass.

Acies of the Legion of Mary

Sun. 14 9:30 am *


Mon 15 11 am
Tues 16 7:15 am
Wed 17 7:15 am
Thur 18 7:15 am
Fri 19 7 pm *
Sat 20 8 am *
+ OLPHD, after Mass. Public Rosaries in Newton and Chilliwack **.

Sun 21 SJB 9:30 am*
Blessing of religious objects after Mass, enrollment in the scapular.

Visit of Fr, le Roux, Sun. ev. -Thurs morn.

Mon 22 7:15 am
Tues 23 7:15 am; 8 am
Wed 24 7:15 am; 8 am
Thur 25 7:15 am; 8 am
Fri 26 7 pm *
Sat 27 8 am
+ OLPHD, after Mass.

Sun 28 9:30 am*

Mon 29 11 am
Tues 30 7:15 am

Wed 1 7:15 am
Thur 2 7:15 am
First Fri 3 7 pm * + Benediction
First Sat 4 8 am + Holy Hour

Sun 5 9:30 am *

The above schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Abbreviations: Nan. = Nanaimo // Lang. = Langley // BF=Building Fund // SJB=St. Joseph Bursary // OLPHD = Our Lady of Perpetual Help Devotion // TIHM = 5 decade Rosary for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary // ** Contact Legion of Mary members for more information on the Public Rosaries.

After 7:15 am morning Masses
30 min. before evening Masses & 8 am morning Masses.
50 min. before all Sunday Masses and Holy Days of Obligation.

Contact Fr. Rusak to subscribe to email notices of changes in schedule, etc.

Christ the King Church FSSPX mass times last updated on the 8th of April, 2024
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Worship Languages

Latin   Edit

Dress Code

Women: Dress or skirt well below the knee, not slit; upper garment covering the arms half way down to the elbows at least, and no more than 2 centimeters below the pit of the throat. No tight or transparent clothing. Women must wear a veil. Men: No tight or transparent closing. No shorts or tea-shirt. No tight or transparent clothing. Dress clothing with suit and tie recommended on Sunday. All must wear shoes as well.   Edit

Sunday School / Children and Youth Activities

Under 12s:
Eucharistic Crusade, First Communion Catechism   Edit
Under 18s:
Catechism, Third Order   Edit

Local outreach & community activities


Other activities & ministries

Catechism for Adults, Third Order, Legion of Mary   Edit

Special Needs/Accessibility


Prayers and Hymns

Main Bible:
Latin Vulgate, Douay Rheims   Edit
Hymns and Songs:
Gregorian Chant, Traditional Catholic Hymns   Edit

Other information

Average Adult Congregation:
75   Edit
Average Youth Congregation:
75   Edit
Additional Info:

Christ the King Church FSSPX Church Langley Photos

Christ the King Church FSSPX History

The History of the Society of St. Pius X

The history of the SSPX, like the history of the Catholic Church, is well worth looking into. Both the Church and the SSPX continue to flourish despite many setbacks and uncertainties. From its humble origins, the SSPX has grown exponentially and today proclaims the faith throughout the world.

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, in response to the repeated requests of young men interested in a traditional priestly formation, founded the Society of St. Pius X on November 1, 1970. He was 65 years old at the time, and had previously served the Catholic Church as apostolic delegate to French-speaking Africa, Archbishop of Dakar, and superior general of the Holy Ghost Fathers, a missionary order of priests. Eleven young men began their studies under the archbishop at a new seminary in Econe, Switzerland. The local bishop of Fribourg was convinced that this new seminary would bring great benefits to the Catholic Church and soon granted his official approval.

The purpose of this new priestly order was poorly understood, however, even by the leaders in Rome. Many thought that the old archbishop had turned against the pope because he only permitted the old Latin Rite of the Mass at his seminary. On the contrary, Archbishop Lefebvre insisted that he respected and honored the Holy Father, and that he was only continuing an unbroken Catholic tradition: he loved the Tridentine Rite of the Mass and knew from experience how beneficial, even crucial, it was in forming holy priests. After all, the immemorial Roman Mass had never been suppressed, even though the Novus Ordo Missae had been introduced. Opposition

Other modern tendencies which the archbishop opposed were ecumenism—a viewpoint which considered all religions as beneficial and valid—and collegiality—which insisted that the Church be ruled primarily by the democratic process and bishops’ conferences, limiting the power of the pope as sole head of the universal Church as well as each individual bishop’s autonomy within his own diocese. Archbishop Lefebvre’s strong stance on these issues did not please some of the Roman authorities who wanted only the new rite of Mass to flourish within a more liberal and modern Church.

Two apostolic visitors, therefore, conducted an official tour and inspection of the seminary at Econe in 1974. They were impressed with its high academic standards and the seminarians’ evident piety; their only complaint was that they did not see the new rite of the Mass being celebrated. They brought a positive report back to the pope. Suppression

Despite this favorable review, Archbishop Lefebvre was soon called to Rome and was interviewed by three cardinals. A few weeks later, the new bishop of Fribourg suddenly suppressed the SSPX, May 6, 1975. Shocked, Archbishop Lefebvre issued an official appeal and asked for the reasons behind this drastic act. Neither Fribourg nor Rome responded. Additionally, in 1976 the archbishop was suspended ab ordinum collatione—from ordaining deacons and priests—and later a divinis—from all sacred functions, including saying Mass.

Confused by this abrupt suppression and inexplicable silence, the archbishop decided that he must continue to fulfill his duties as rector of the seminary at Econe; after all, he was convinced that Canon Law stipulated that no such suppression or suspension would take force while an official appeal was left unresolved, much less unanswered. He ordained priests that summer as normal. He also took his seminarians with him on pilgrimage to Rome as a sign of good faith. Consecration of bishops

The SSPX, despite its apparent suppression, grew rapidly. New seminaries were opened in Germany, America, Argentina and Australia. Religious brothers, sisters, and lay third order members joined its swelling ranks; by 1987, the SSPX had spread its apostolate to every continent in the world.

Archbishop Lefebvre, after repeated but ultimately unfruitful negotiations with Rome, decided in 1988 to consecrate four new bishops to serve the SSPX and its faithful. In response, the pope issued a declaration of excommunication to the archbishop and these four new bishops. This greatly saddened the archbishop, but he firmly believed that he could not in good conscience have acted otherwise and was bound to provide for the preservation of the SSPXand its worldwide apostolate. Archbishop Lefebvre died just three years later on March 25, 1991.


The SSPX continued its apostolate despite the death of its founder. In 1994, Bishop Bernard Fellay was elected superior general, a position which he held for 24 years. Notably, in the jubilee year 2000 he led all of his priests, religious, and seminarians on pilgrimage to Rome, hoping thereby to express love and respect for the Holy Father. Pope Benedict XVI later decided to free the traditional Roman Mass in a 2007 motu proprio entitled Summorum Pontificum and in 2009, lifted the “excommunications” issued against the four SSPX bishops. Pope Francis later affirmed that SSPX have jurisdiction (worldwide) to hear confessions.

Today, the Society of St. Pius X numbers 590 priests and close to half a million faithful spread throughout the world and courageously continues its apostolic work. Our current Superior General since 2018 is Father Davide Pagliarani.


Christ the King Church FSSPX Historical Photos

The power of Christian prayer "A life growing in its purity and devotion will be a more prayerful life."
E. M. Bounds
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