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Who we are

Who We Are

At Church Triumphant we have been called to something very specific. DISCIPLESHIP. To be sure we stay on that task we ask ourselves three specific questions.

1. Why do we do what we do? Out of a love that seeks to honor God above all else. 2. What are we called to do? To bring others into a mature love that honors God. 3. How do we accomplish that? By creating relational environments that encourage Biblical application brings about life transformation.

Our Process: People must come to a place of WORSHIP of God, Secondly, they must find themselves in place of Biblical COMMUNITY. Thirdly, they must be in a place of Gospel SERVICE & lastly that service should result in Kingdom MULTIPLICATION.

Worship: You will find opportunities to worship weekly, Sundays at 10AM and monthly at our RISE (3rd Sunday of the month) Prayer and Worship gathering.

Community: Small groups meet weekly to grow in a relationship with Christ and one another.

Service: There are several opportunites for you to serve at CT and/or with various organizations we support. Our small groups are encouraged to serve together monthly.

Multiplication: Prayerfully after growing in Christ we give away to others what we have learned. We want to see multiplication happen in a variety of ways: new believers in Christ, more small groups and church plants.


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Leader Name:
Aaron & Rachel Hines   Edit
Leader Position:
Lead Pastor   Edit
Leader Email:
Click here to contact Aaron & Rachel Hines   Edit
Leader Bio:
Aaron & Rachel Hines are a part of the leldership team at Church Triumphant. Aaron serves as the lead pastor & head elder. Rachel oversees our 1st Impressions ministry. Additionally they also lead in our small groups community as group leaders. They both enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning (or two). They love being parents & recently the chance to experience grandparenthood! In their downtime you’ll find Rachel curled up with a book (probably something by Jennie Allen or Lisa Tuerkurst) & Aaron engaged in some kind of science-fiction book (Ted Dekker), movie or TV series (Star Wars or Star Trek) .

Their hope & joy is to see strangers become guests, guests become friends & friends become family! They hope you’ll find yourself in that progression with us! and I are so grateful to be leading such an awesome group of people. I have served in several capacities here at CT over the past 22 years. At present, I have the privilege of serving as Lead Pastor. I can't believe I've been doing this for 10 years. Our heart is to see people take the Word that is taught to them, apply it to their lives & find their lives transformed. In turn, they can then help others grow in their faith. Lives changed by the truth of the Gospel is what it's all about!   Edit


Admin Name:
Bernadeen Strohm   Edit
Admin Position:
Secretary   Edit
740-655-2602   Edit
Admin Email:
Click here to contact Bernadeen Strohm   Edit

Mailing Address

PO Box 1029
Chillicothe, Ohio
45601   Edit

Church Triumphant Service Times

Sunday 10:00 am

Here at CT you are welcomed as a friend and accepted as family in a vibrant environment that will engage you right where you live. You will have the opportunity to connect with others, find a place to serve, and grow in your faith.

Our prayer is that your worship experience will make it easy for you to hear the truth of the gospel and discover a relationship with Jesus, and then share the love of Jesus with others.

Church Triumphant service times last updated on the 1st of April, 2024
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The power of Christian prayer "There is nothing that makes us love a man so much as praying for him".
William Law
Church Triumphant listing was last updated on the 1st of April, 2024
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