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Who we are

Church of Saints Joseph and Padarn is a Roman Catholic church in London, London.

We are a fellowship of believers, made in God's image and called as disciples of Christ to share the Good News with everyone through learning, listening, praying and working together actively to reach out to our communities.

We are a place to believe, belong, and become!


Church of Saints Joseph and Padarn Q&A

Question: What if this is my first time in an SSPX chapel? Should I be worried about what I'm wearing?

Answer: Thank you for joining us today!

The Mass, the holiest and most important of the Church, is celebrated in this temple, truly a house of God. In light of this reality, we invite everyone to wear modest, respectful clothing that reflects the dignity of the One in whose image we are created. Casual attire, such as shorts, t-shirts, and sleeveless shirts are examples of inappropriate clothing. Following apostolic custom, we also ask women to wear a veil inside the church and we similarly ask men not to wear hats inside the church.

Question: Can I receive Communion? Do I have to kneel for communion and receive communion on the tongue? Should I say 'Amen' after having received communion?

Answer: The reception of Holy Communion is reserved for practicing Catholics in the state of grace.

Specifically, to receive Holy Communion: One must be a baptized and practicing Catholic, having made a good confession since the last committed mortal sin, if any, in order to be in the state of Grace, and one must not be a public sinner (living in sin with another, married outside the Church, etc.) One must observe at least one hour of Eucharistic fast (water and medicine do not break the fast). The most important requirement is to have a great desire to receive the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You may humbly approach the Communion rail when the other parishioners do so. To receive Communion, close your eyes, open the mouth wide and extend your tongue smoothly and horizontally. Do not say ?Amen.? You might notice some parishioners who refrain from receiving Holy Communion, as there is no obligation to receive it daily, and there are many reasons people would choose to refrain, such as if they have not made a devout preparation. However, ?Live in a manner to be able to receive Communion every day!? (St. Augustine). After Mass has concluded, instead of leaving immediately, take some time to make a good prayer of thanksgiving to Our Lord for the gift of Himself in the Most Blessed Sacrament. You will notice other parishioners doing so as well.

Question: Are you different from our Catholic churches? What should I expect? What if I am confused?

Answer: We are a Catholic chapel in union with Rome that maintains the traditions proper to the Roman Rite of the Church.

We recognize that some aspects of this liturgy may be unfamiliar to you, such as the use of Latin or the priest facing the altar with the people.

We do these things in accordance with the rubrics and practices that were normative up until the time of the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s.

Our priests and parishioners will be more than happy to help you with any questions you might have

Booklets are available to aid you in following and assisting in the Mass.

For more information, please visit the website of Angeluspress:

Question: What are sacraments? Which ones do you offer here? Whom do I contact?

Answer: The seven sacraments are the central mysteries of Catholic life. Our churches are communities where regular attendance at Mass, as well as an ongoing formation, is standard.

For the sacraments of baptism, confirmation, and marriage, you must be registered at this chapel for at least six months and meet with the pastor so you may become acquainted. These sacraments require preparation under the guidance of the pastor.

For sacramental emergencies and other questions regarding the sacraments, please see the bulletin for the pastor?s contact information.

Question: What specifically is different about your Mass? Is it the same as other Catholic churches?

Answer: The Mass celebrated in this church is the Mass of the Roman Rite, the traditional Latin Mass. Until 1969, when a New Mass was created, the liturgy was of apostolic origin. The traditional Latin Mass follows the tradition of Saint Peter, the first Pope, and has never undergone any essential change till the present time. Every gesture, every word has been weighed and measured with the assistance of the Holy Ghost for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls.

Question: Why do you say Mass in Latin? Why not in the vernacular?

Answer: The Catholic Faith, which is so beautifully expressed in the Holy Mass, was spread by the Apostles and by the early Christian missionaries throughout the Roman Empire. The common language of the Western Roman Empire was Latin, and this became the liturgical language of our rite, the Roman Rite. It has been the consistent teaching of many popes that Latin has special qualities as a language of worship. The use of this ancient language is a safeguard against errors and heresies; it is not subject to constant changes but remains the same for all time. Latin is a symbol of the visible universality and unity of the Church that through the centuries has preserved the bond of unity with our common center, Rome. Latin, as the language of the Church, unites Catholics from all nations and all centuries.

Question: Why do you face the altar? Why not the people?

Answer: The Mass is celebrated facing toward the altar, the tabernacle, and the Cross, but not toward the congregation. The focus of all of our worship in the Holy Mass is toward God and Him alone. In all liturgical rites of the Church, including the Roman Rite, both the priest and the congregation have always faced the same direction, toward the East (ad orientem), toward the Lord who comes in glory. Together, the people face the same direction as the priest, who acts as a mediator between them and God.

Question: But I am lost when I come to Mass here. Can you give any advice?

Answer: Although the traditional Mass has a defined structure, it may seem unfamiliar at first. But don?t worry! This is a normal first reaction. There is an element of mystery here: the Mass communicates the unity, truth, goodness, and beauty of God on so many levels, not just with the spoken word. There are certainly printed Missals and booklets with translations you can follow. You might ask another friendly parishioner for some pointers later on; they will be glad to help you out. But at first, spend the time in prayer ? unite yourself in prayer to the Holy Mass, to Our Lord in the Sacrifice of Calvary and in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Perceive how discreetly and beautifully the Holy Ghost sanctifies souls through the liturgy in every aspect, and allow Him to sanctify you as well.

Question: Will I be welcome as a guest?

Answer: After Mass, you will see that traditional Catholics are family-oriented and like to socialize! Take some time to introduce yourself and your family to the priest, to meet some of the other parishioners and enjoy some refreshments. Most churches also have a nice bookstore where you can find some good spiritual reading and religious articles which you can have blessed.


Street Address

Church of Saints Joseph and Padarn
Salterton Road
London, London N7 6BB
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 2089 46 79 16

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The power of Christian prayer "Satan trembles when he sees the weakest Christian on his knees."
William Cowper
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