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In the year of 1913 on June 18th, Galilee Missionary Baptist Church was organized by the late Rev. D. Hartman with only a few members present. Deacons and Trustees in the organization were Brothers Lee Turner, Silas Hays, John Spencer, George Keener and Jacob Richardson. The membership grew after a few years and Rev. W. H. Sanders was later called to Pastor. Other ministers served the Galilee Church for short periods which included: Rev. W. A. Haynes and Rev. Hurd.

In 1920, Rev. J. C. Smith was called to Pastor and he served for twenty-five years. In 1947, Rev. D. S. Bailey was called and under his leadership Galilee continued to grow. Due to fire damage the church was rebuilt in 1948 with the guidance of Pastor Bailey, Deacons Ralph Burleson, Teate Allen, Green Stewart, Reber Jackson, A. C. Booker, Sr., Riley Johnson and Alfred Johnson. It was under this same leadership that Brother Arthur Lewis was ordained Deacon after serving as Superintendent of Sunday School for two years.

The membership continued to grow and Trustees were added: Brothers William Sheffield, H. B. Turner, Marcus Johnson, B. H. Johnson and Clem Jones. New Deacons were added and ordained: A. Farris, H. D. Jones, Tom Dogan, Jessie Harrison, Albert Davis, Lee B. Yates and Howard Overshown. Other Trustees added were Brother Jessie Lewis and George Johnson, Jr.

In 1961 Deacons and Trustees rebuilt our edifice for the second time under the leadership of Rev. D.S. Bailey. The late Brothers William Sheffield and H.B. Turner provided very capable leadership during this period.

Our membership continued to grow with auxiliaries fully organized. After moving into our new building in 1961, other Deacons were ordained Deacons Lee Shepard, Chester McKay and other Trustees: Brothers Sam Kallie, Arnold Collins, George Johnson III, Lee Eddie Lewis, Carl Carter, Clarence Roberts, James Bailey, Robert Grant, Eugene Frank, E. L. Cole, Ransom Craddock, Johnny Collins, E. V. Grant, George Hunter, Howard Overshown, Jr., and Freddie White.

In March 1977, God called our Pastor D. S. Bailey to eternal rest. Rev. Bailey was a great Preacher and well read Bible Scholar. A Chapter of history was ended, never to be forgotten. So much he has taught us is ever present today. In October 1977, Rev. E. J. Booker was called to Pastor. New Deacons and Trustees were added: Brothers Frank Bracks, Emanuel Law, Genoa Freeman, Solomon Cheney, Arron Campbell, James Gulley, Cornelius Wilkerson, Turner Hector, and Clayton Wright.

Rev. Booker served until August of 1987. In December 1987 the church prayerfully called Rev. Edwin A. Davis to serve as Pastor. Under the present leadership over 2500 members have been added to our church family. On the second Sunday of September in the year of 2003, the congregation marched into our new edifice. Our leader has many great things planned for the future.


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Leader Name:
Rev. Dr. Edwin Allen Davis   Edit
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Pastor   Edit
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Click here to contact Rev. Dr. Edwin Allen Davis   Edit


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Carvis Junious   Edit
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Church Administrator   Edit
713-697-3305   Edit
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Sunday School / Children and Youth Activities

Under 18s:
Galilee MBC Youth Ministry


It is our goal to develop positive and inspiring activities that strengthens the Christian values of children. We make every effort to lead by example and to help young Christians grow into fruitful, God loving adults.

'But seek first the kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well'. (Matthew 6:33)   Edit

Other information

Additional Info:
Christmas Holidays (All Weekly Activities Canceled)

December 21-30, 2016

Christmas Day No Evening Service

December 25, 2016

Watch Meet Services

Date: December 31, 2016
Time: 10:00 PM   Edit

Galilee Missionary Baptist Church History


The power of Christian prayer Forgive us
O God, forgive the poverty and the pettiness of our prayers . Listen not to our words but to the yearnings of our hearts. Hear beneath our petitions the crying of our need.
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