St James's Church
New Barnet Hertfordshire


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Who we are

The Church New Barnet needs is a community that…

wholeheartedly follows Jesus, and longs for His glory and fame to be known in New Barnet and beyond.

endeavours to keep God's word, the Bible, central to all that it does.

is outward-looking, vibrant and fun.

welcomes, values and cares for all, and within which the lonely and broken can find refuge, new hope and lasting friendship.

offers answers to today's questions in language anyone can understand.

works together to make lifelong disciples for Jesus Christ.

depends prayerfully upon God our Father, trusting him to provide all we need.

recognises growth as the proper state of God's kingdom.

encourages people to discover and fulfil God's purpose for their lives.

seeks to work with others for the good of New Barnet.

strives for excellence in all it does.

It's a community where God is known to be at work by his Spirit.

That's the Church New Barnet needs….Our vision is to become that church.


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Leader Name:
Rev. Barry Unwin   Edit
Leader Position:
Vicar   Edit
Leader Email:
Click here to contact Rev. Barry Unwin   Edit


Admin Name:
Bryony Porter   Edit
Admin Position:
Office Manager   Edit
Admin Email:
Click here to contact Bryony Porter   Edit


There are two car parks (FREE on Sunday) within a two-minute walk of the church, on either side of East Barnet Road. Or you can park on local streets. Please help us stay friends with our neighbours by not blocking drives.   Edit

St James's Church Service Times

Sunday mornings at 10:30am - Building open for fresh filter coffee from 10am.

Cafe Church: worship . pray . discover . food . fun . friends . music
7pm-8:30pm, usually on the first Sunday of the month.

It's been more than 8 years since the last service times update. Please make sure to contact the church to confirm service times.

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Sunday School / Children and Youth Activities

Under 12s:
During the 10:30am service on a Sunday we have Kids Church groups for all children.

For years 6 to 10
If you’re aged 10 to 14, and want to make new friends, have fun, and learn more about Jesus, then come along to msg. Meeting fortnightly on Wednesdays 6:30-8pm @ St James’s Church, there’s food, chat, games, and a chance to think about the big issues of life.

For years 2 to 6
Tuesday is your night. For Boys we run Base Camp, and if you’re a girl, its Girlz Only. The groups meet fortnightly, starting at 5:30pm, finish 7:00pm. Tea is included. Make sure you come ready to learn, and to play.

Autumn Half-Term Children’s Day
Every autumn half-term we hold our annual children’s day, for children aged 5-11. Its a great mix of crafts, action games and bible stories, and the day rounds off with a hot-dog tea.

Drop-In Toddler Group
Our toddler group runs from 10am-noon on Tuesday.   Edit

Other information

St James's Church History


The power of Christian prayer Grant me, O Lord...
Grant me, O Lord, to know what I ought to know,to love what I ought to love, to praise what delights Thee most, to value what is precious in Thy sight, to hate what is offensive to Thee. Do not suffer me to judge according to the sight of my eyes, nor to pass sentence according to the hearing of the ears of ignorant men; but to discern with a true judgment between things visible and spiritual, and above all, always to inquire what is the good pleasure of Thy will.
St James's Church listing was last updated on the 11th of January, 2016
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