Christian Churches in New Brunswick near me

There are 15 Christian Church churches listed with in New Brunswick, Canada.

Most Christian Church churches are listed in Port Elgin (2 churches) , Hampton (1 church) and Baie Verte (1 church). Moncton, Dalhousie and Saint Andrews also have quite a number of Christian Church churches listed (1, 1 and 1 church respectively).

All Christian Churches in New Brunswick

Baie Verte, New Brunswick, Canada E4M 1N6

Add St. James United Church - Baie Verte, New Brunswick photo

Address: 150 Basin Street,
Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada E2A 6N2

Add Evangel Pentecostal Church - Bathurst, New Brunswick photo

Address: 43 Andrew Street,
Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada E3N 2B6

Add Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church - Campbellton, New Brunswick photo

Address: 142 Edward Street,
Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Canada E8C 1P8

Add Presbyterian Church - Dalhousie, New Brunswick photo

Address: 177 Villa Drive,
Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada E5N 5G6

Add The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Hampton, New Brunswick photo

Address: 225 Jolicure Road,
Jolicure, New Brunswick, Canada E4L 2R5

Add United Church - Jolicure, New Brunswick photo

Address: 4000 New Brunswick 16,
Melrose, New Brunswick, Canada E4M 3A4

Add St. Bartholomew - Melrose, New Brunswick photo

Address: 80 Goose Lake Road,
Midgic, New Brunswick, Canada E4L 1V4

Add Midgic Baptist Church - Midgic, New Brunswick photo

Address: 25 Hildegard Drive,
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada E1G 2G5

Add Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - Moncton, New Brunswick photo

Address: 251 Main Street,
Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, Canada E7G 2G4

Add Plaster Rock/Riley Brook United Baptist Churches - Plaster Rock, New Brunswick photo

Address: 14 Church Street,
Port Elgin, New Brunswick, Canada E4M 2C9

Add St. Clement's - Port Elgin, New Brunswick photo

Address: Timber River,
Port Elgin, New Brunswick, Canada E0A 2K0

Add Timber River Pentecostal Church Inc - Port Elgin, New Brunswick photo

Address: 212 Parr Street,
Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada E5B 1M3

Add St Andrew's Catholic Church Rectory - Saint Andrews, New Brunswick photo

Address: 4347 Loch Lomond Road,
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada E2N 1C8

Add St Joseph's Catholic Church - Saint John, New Brunswick photo

Address: 2943 New Brunswick 560,
Williamstown, New Brunswick, Canada E7K 2A6

Add St John Valley Mennonite Chr - Williamstown, New Brunswick photo

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