Catholic Church in Western Australia near me

There are 167 Catholic Church churches listed with in Western Australia, Australia.

Most Catholic Church churches are listed in Westminster (3 churches) , Broome (3 churches) and Halls Creek (2 churches). Maylands, Wyndham and Perth also have quite a number of Catholic Church churches listed (2, 2 and 2 churches respectively).

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All RC churches in Western Australia


Address: Martin Road & Hardie Road,
Albany, Western Australia, Australia 6330

Parish Priest: Rev Christian Saminal OSJ

Mass Times: Sunday Mass Sunday 9.30am Weekday Mass

Address: Canning Highway & Ardross Street,
Applecross, Western Australia, Australia 6153

Parish Priest: Rev Fr Phillip Fleay

Mass Times: Mass Times Saturday: 7:30 AM Saturday:

Address: 52 Mardo Avenue,
Australind WA, Western Australia, Australia 6233

Parish Priest: Rev Jess Navarra

Mass Times:
Add Church of the Living Vine - Australind WA, Western Australia photo


Address: 16 Pelican Parade,
Ballajura, Western Australia, Australia 6066

Parish Priest: Rev Fr John Jegorow

Mass Times: Mass Times Sat 6:00 PM Vigil Mass Sun

Address: &nsbp;,
Banksia Grove, Western Australia, Australia 6031

Parish Priest: Rev Fr Vinh Dong

Mass Times:

Address: 20 Hamilton Street,
Bassendean, Western Australia, Australia 6054

Parish Priest: Rev Fr Kim Son Nguyen

Mass Times: Mass Times Saturday: 7:45 AM Saturday:


Address: Corner of Dean & Marsengo Roads,
Bateman, Western Australia, Australia 6150

Parish Priest: Rev Fr Phong Thanh Nguyen

Mass Times: Mass Times Saturday: 8:30 AM Saturday:

Address: 20 Almondbury St,
Bayswater, Western Australia, Australia 6053

Parish Priest: Rev Fr Minh-Thuy Nguyen

Mass Times: Mass Times Saturday: 6:00 PM Vigil (Youth

Address: 59 Lefroy Road,
Beaconsfield, Western Australia, Australia 6162

Parish Priest: Rev Fr Liam Keating SMA

Mass Times: Mass Times Saturday: 8:15 AM Saturday:

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Address: 11 Hehir Street,
Belmont, Western Australia, Australia 6104

Rector: Rev Fr Michael Rowe

Mass Times: Mass Times Sunday: 7:30 AM Sunday: 9:30

Address: 346 Chapman Road,
Bluff Point, Western Australia, Australia 6530

Parish Priest: Fr Gerard Totanes

Mass Times: Mass Times Sat 6:30 pm Sun 9:00 am Reconciliation

Address: Robinson Avenue,
Boyup Brook, Western Australia, Australia

Parish Priest: Rev Wally Kevis

Mass Times: Vigil Service: 2nd Saturday of the Month
Add St Mary's Church - Boyup Brook, Western Australia photo

Address: Steere Street,
Bridgetown, Western Australia, Australia

Priest in Charge: Rev Wally Kevis

Mass Times:
Add St Brigid's - Bridgetown, Western Australia photo

Address: 14 Westral Street,
Bruce Rock, Western Australia, Australia 6418

Parish Priest: Rev Fr Dariusz Krzysztalowicz SDS

Mass Times: Mass Times Saturday: 6:00 PM Quairading

Address: 11 Money Street,
Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia

Parish Priest: Most Reverend Gerard J Holohan DD

Mass Times:
Add St Patrick's Cathedral - Bunbury, Western Australia photo

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